In which we have a picnic at 1300 meters

The plan: the young ones would drive to the foot of the walking track, leave their car and walk to the picnic spot at the Mount Buffalo lookout, which has an elevation of about 1300 meters. (Their walk took about 2 hours,  with lots of ups and ups.)

My role: drive to the picnic spot in Cedric-Neville (he has a new name since his relocation), with the picnic food, and then take the young ones back to their car when we were ready to head home.

The day: overcast and cool (or cold, depending on how acclimatised you are, after years in the tropics).

The verdict: what a splendid plan and picnic it was.

Here’s the view from the lookout, you can see the next state (New South Wales) on a good day.


There are lots of huge boulders balancing casually above the deep gorge.


This sturdy little shelter has fireplaces which would be welcome to tired, cold hikers. We just put on a few more layers and had our picnic outdoors. We’re such brave-hearts.


I reckon this warning sign shows a jaunty fellow clicking his heels and shouting “Ole” as he falls off the cliff.


The Mount Buffalo Chalet was opened in the early 1900s. There are big, expensive plans to redevelop the Chalet which is currently not in use. You can see an artist’s impression of the project, and read about the progress, or lack thereof hereMount Buffalo Chalet


Fittingly, the weather vane at the apex of the chalet roof is a buffalo.


The snow season officially ends this weekend, but I hope to get out and cross country ski and snowshoe next winter. Let’s see if my plans come to fruition!



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46 responses to “In which we have a picnic at 1300 meters

  1. I am scared of heights but these are some gorgeous photos.

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  2. Those are some beautiful landscapes! I do love that the guy falling off the cliff is so surprisingly well-dressed….

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  3. What an exciting adventure! I’m ready to go with you on your next one!

    By the way, you’ve been chosen as one of today’s nine blogs in That’s So Jacob’s Ninth Month Blog Challenge (! I challenge you to find nine blogs you find interesting and give them a comment to brighten their day…well, eight other blogs and mine 🙂 Copy this message in your comment and enjoy your new blog friends!

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  4. Caroline

    Incredible photos, Yvonne, congratulations! What a beautiful place – I can’t believe you can drive all the way up there.

    What sort of temperatures can you expect in your new home, in winter & in summer?

    I’m occasionally feeling a bit chilly now autumn has suddenly arrived in Italy (it’s funny how the seasons really do seem to change with the calendar, bang on cue) & we are down to c.16 at night. Still quite a contrast with Scotland, though – I did laugh when I heard a BBC forecast one day in August which involved a temperature of 1.5 degrees!

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    • Cedric-Neville will never make the trip in the winter, Caroline, he wouldn’t cope well with ice and snow.

      It can get below OC in the winter, and into the high 30s in the summer. Right now, we’re getting about 5 overnight and around 15 in the daytime. My knitted socks are getting good use!


  5. Does it mean that if you stick to the track you will reach the cliff edge and fall off? How very strange!

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  6. Typing mistake : plese read : “Make a try with the Blue Mountains”

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  7. You assaulted a big mountain of 1300 m high ! It was not a small affair . And what a change with Venice, Yvonne!!!. The panorama is grandiose .
    Next time, malke a try with the Blue Nountains . I heard of them since I was on Xanga in 2001 .
    Thanks to share your exploration
    Love ❤

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    • Hello, Michel. The Blue Mountains do look very beautiful. Maybe one day I’ll wander into the next state (New South Wales), and have a look.

      It’s not only different from Venice, but also the steamy tropics which I have now fled.

      Cheers ❤


  8. cadeauca

    Absolutely lovely photos!

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  9. I am glad you found it. I like your positive attitude to the weather. It will never get as cold as Canada.

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  10. sunsetdragon

    How beautiful and that view take my breath away. Totally breath taking.

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  11. Maxine

    Great pictures. It really sound like you are enjoying your move.

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  12. This looks like a combination of the Blue Ridge and the Adirondacks. Lovely. I hope the lodge is restored and that after you have a very nice summer, you can ski and snowshoe in the winter. Beautiful.

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  13. Looks like an incredible place for lunch! Lovely photos!

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  14. Great fotos and that shelter looks so inviting. I can see you there next winter sitting around the fire with a shifter of schnaps and wonderful friends.

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  15. Boulders balancing casually…what’s not to like? Such a beautiful view! (As one who has loved to ski and can no longer do it, I wish you a great time next winter!)

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  16. Fabulous views!
    I remember seeing an Australian movie years ago about a picnic….theirs didn’t turn out so well….had something to do with a Hanging Rock.

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    • That was such an evocative movie, it’s time to see it again. Hanging Rock is west of here.

      “Hanging Rock was the inspiration and setting for the novel Picnic at Hanging Rock, written by Joan Lindsay and published in 1967. The novel dealt with the disappearance of a number of schoolgirls during a visit to the site. Their disappearance was explained in the final chapter, but Lindsay deleted this chapter at the suggestion of her editor, thinking the mystery was greater without it.”

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  17. I am. I like changes in my life, Darlene.


  18. Wow ! That’s a long climb. Oh, you were the sensible one Yvonne 😀 ❤

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  19. Exciting new adventures for you. Enjoy!

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