In Santa Croce, on the Canale di Santa Chiara

Hurray for the Art Biennale in Venice. It gives us the chance to enter places that are seldom, if ever, open to the public.

One such venue is the Chiesa Sant’Andrea, not far from the Piazzale Roma. (Do spend a moment or two reading about it here: santandreadellazirada )


Here is just a tiny teaser of what we saw when one of the pesky tourists and I went to see the art installation.


In the lower left hand corner, you catch a glimpse of part of the installation, which was fridges!!





I’ll probably never find this church open again, so wasn’t I lucky to be there at the right time?



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25 responses to “In Santa Croce, on the Canale di Santa Chiara

  1. Caroline

    Yes, please, pictures of the installation! We didn’t make it to this exhibition in time before it closed.

    Did you also make it to Sant’Antonin this time?

    Still trying to knock off what we can before going back to work – seems like 100 exhibitions down, 100 to go…

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    • Kirk and I had that strange Venetian flu, so we didn’t get to as many places as we’d planned. I keep looking at the little pink art guide, sighing over lost opportunities. Well, 2017, then.


  2. Altars in different marbles with fine statues whom the meaning is to decioher in that bautifukl church St Andrea..
    Once in Venice , my wife and I went elsewhere in place without any tourists . It was near a canal , a small square and a churh that was very simple outside . Later in reading I realized it was a very important church. . But to be forgiven I add to say that near the canal two young men plaid the four seasons and an “old” Italian came by and told us ,in French, the mariage of his two daughters in that church. Groom and bridde went there in gondola with the invites people !
    Ah! Venice:!
    Love ❤

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    • I wonder if that church was the Miracoli which looks relatively simple on the outside, though clad in glowing marble. Imagine going to your wedding in a gondola! Now, that is romantic, Michel. When was the last time you went to Venice? ❤


  3. It’s amazing the detail that goes into some of these statues. I’d love to visit Venice one day.

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  4. Haven’t been to Venice in 40+ years… SO want to return!!!

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  5. I like the idea that there might be something IN the fridges, even if unlikely. Is this little church in use (other than for art installations of fridges)? Also, maybe you can answer this. Was the Baroque period particularly prosperous for the RC Church? Every church in Vienna has been redone in the Baroque (regardless of age). Since it happened with this one too, I’m seeing a pattern…

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  6. So, did you look inside the fridge? Perhaps it was to keep the altar wine chilled.or it could have held some chirozo sausages.

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  7. What a funny place to put fridges! But….it gave you a chance to see the much older “art”. People at the time probably said….”I can’t see why we need another church and more statues….we already have plenty.”
    Fridges to have their uses. I notice there was no pesky tourist in your way….do you make them stand aside? You can’t say anything bad if you are still using their internet.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  8. SB Selimovic



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