The pampered guardians

In the Libreria Acqua Alta, self proclaimed by the owner Luigi Frizzo as the most beautiful bookshop in the world, dwell some well loved cats. For some people, they might well be the main attraction in this crowded, shambolic shop.

You can find Luigi, his books and cats in Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa, Castello.





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23 responses to “The pampered guardians

  1. I love cats and I love books, but I’d worry a little about the cats finding an appropriate rest room. I’d love to visit that place though!

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  2. Apparently they love books also as we do. 🙂 Wonderful post.

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  3. Andante

    Combining three of my four favourites! Venice, cats and books! Over the years we’ve always intended to call at this bookshop … but for some reason simply never got there. We really must manage it – next time.
    Glad you’re getting settled in again now, Yvonne.

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  4. I love the atmosphere of the the bookshop almost as much as I love that cat’s blue eyes. 😀

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  5. ” Don’t you even think about it. This book is mine ! ” exclaimed the black cat with her sideways look that could kill 😀 ❤

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  6. Quand avez-vous fait les photos ?


  7. Malheureusement le beau gris Pirro a disparu depuis le mois de Mai dernier, Je le photographiais à chaque fois que j’étais à la librairie.
    Je ramène toujours des livres de chez Luigi, une véritable caverne d’Ali Baba. Bonne journée Danielle

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  8. Jane

    I will have to find this next time!

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  9. I’ve petted the black one!

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    • I also bought a lovely book of water color sketches and all of the writing was in Italian. I only recently discovered that it was originally written in English and manage to track it down through one of Barnes and Noble’s sellers (since it is out of print in English) and got a slightly (very gently) used hard bound copy for just under $10(with shipping) and discovered that it really was the kind of love letter to Venice that I thought it was. In English it is Venice Sketchbook, the Italian title is Diario Veneziano and it is by Huck Scarry (son of children’s book writer and illustrator Richard Scarry). I think everyone who adores Venice should have a copy of this book.

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