We have a winner in the “Name that Mutt” pseudo-competition

I put the names on slips of paper,  shut my eyes tightly, then drew one out of the goldfish bowl (before the slips of paper were eaten by those hungry little suckers).

The winner is … GROMIT!!!!! Well done, Andrew. You have to be satisfied with this pat on the back and your name featured on my blog. Lucky sod.

Thank you to everyone who entered and who must now suffer the humiliation of being losers. That’s life.

For those of you who have never seen Wallace and Gromit, my sincere commiserations. Click on the link below to enter a whole new world of insanity!




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37 responses to “We have a winner in the “Name that Mutt” pseudo-competition

  1. Good luck with this final part of the move, dear friend!


  2. I’m here Yvonne. I’ve been busy watching W&G on BBC1. I’m deeply honored at being the winner but it was possibly the easiest competition I’ve ever entered. There really was no other choice.

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  3. Starting my day with a good laugh after reading all these comments. I’m wondering what Andrew thinks…

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  4. Lost again ! It’s almost like playing a round of golf in the Venetian canals 😉 ❤

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  5. Well just dropped by your blog and having fun just being a silent observer 🙂 All this lively banter 🙂

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  6. I watched the video .No surprise for the winner .
    I have just realized I missed three post : Florence, bridges , cemeteries . We had family at home last week and I was often away from the computer.. Sorry, Yvonne
    Love ❤

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  7. Gromit. Rhymes with vomit. I’m going over to share my sour grapes with Bruce.

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  8. anon

    I’m such a loser……

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  9. Congrats! I have to say he beat me to it. That dog’s face says Gromit!

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  10. I put Wallace and Gromit right up there with Shaun the Sheep!

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  11. Gromit is a great name for the plaster of paris or plastic artificial dog. And I never wanted to win anyway. And I know you opened at least one eye at least a bit. And I know Andrew will be pleased as punch with his non-monetary prize. You both seem to be on first name terms so I’m not surprised he won. So there!

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