Chiesa Angelo Raffaele

In the sestiere of Dorsoduro, you’ll find the aforementioned church. It is an unusual church in that you can walk right around it, a rare occurrence in Venice.

The church is dedicated to St Raphael, and above the door, you’ll see a fine representation of him, his companion Tobias carrying a big  fish, and Tobias’ dog.

I just adore the story of how the Angel Raphael (in disguise) guides the young lad, Tobias, to a distant land, with the aim of collecting an old debt for his blind father. Along the way, Tobias falls in love with a young woman who is possessed by an evil spirit. (Funny how that so often happens!)  Raphael teaches Tobias how to get rid of that darn spirit, so young love can triumph, they can live happily ever after, etc., etc.  All together now “Awwww.”

To read all about this, and also to find out why Tobias carried that fish for such a long time, you can either open the Old Testament to the Book of Tobit, or go for this simple version: st-raphael-and-tobias



The travelling companions, and fish



Our little friend, Tobias complete with fish



I reckon we should have a “Name that dog” competition. As usual, only fame and glory for the winning entry, no cash prizes. (It’s my contest, I make the rules.)

There you go, Bert, a post set in Venice.



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51 responses to “Chiesa Angelo Raffaele

  1. Caroline

    The organ doors are worth a look. They tell the story too, sometimes in that interesting way where different events are shown in the same scene as if happening at the same time. The sacristy is also worth seeing.

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  2. Glad you have posted about this, Yvonne . Outside the churches in Venice often are simple ( not the cathedral of course). They are simple but offer gems such those statues of Raphael, Tobias and the dog . But to appreciate, an observer eye is needed and also some knowledge of the Bible .
    Very interesting post
    Love ❤

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  3. I see (at Bruce’s blog) you’ve been complaining about not having “author” next to your name, but all your words are in blue, compared to the commenters’ words. I think that’s a nice distinction. Your WordPress “theme” (and, for sure, mine) probably pre-dates Bruce’s and that might make the difference. They’re always coming up with “improvements” at WordPress. NOT. As for the dog, I suggest the unisex name “Blue” (the saint’s symbolic color.)

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    • You’re a good lass for calming my troubled mind, Cynthia!

      Blue is a good name, and here in Australia, that’s what you’d be called if you had red hair. (Don’t ask.)


  4. Jane

    Loved Miss Garnet’s Angel…the reason I know where this church is! What is the decision on the dog’s name?

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  5. Or read Mis Garnett’s Angel by Salley Vickers…

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  6. I don’t know about that dog. His smile seems a little fake and I’m wondering if he’s secretly harbouring thoughts about nipping people’s legs, kind of like Cyril in Alexander McCall Smith’s Scotland Street series.

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  7. It is so absolutely amazing what we learn on blogs. I immediately Googled “The Fish” by Yeats and read it. Haven’t read any of the commentary yet though.


  8. I think we should name the fish. It looks pretty happy for the state it’s in.

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  9. Or maybe Mr. Garnet….is the statue that detailed? Somebody needs to have a look.
    Or I’ll second the vote for Gromit!


  10. I actually wasn’t entering….just seconding the vote (oh, do we get to vote?) for Miss Garnet.


  11. The dog should be called Miser – after the person who has organised the competition and is not giving a monetary prize.


  12. The dog is called Gromit. You just need to look at him.


  13. The dog’s definitely a boy dog (no?). I’ve been introduced to many a little dog in Venice. They all act like they own their street or neighborhood. Thx for the insight into this church. Have walked by it often but it’s nice to slow down and be asked to really “see” something.


    • The dogs in Venice are definitely a law unto themselves, Helen.

      Hey, everyone, have a visit to Helen’s blog, she’s a very good artist! (That’s my opinion, and you all know I’m always spot on.)


      • Thanks for the nod to my blog (or website), Yvonne! Unexpected but appreciated! p.s. I love the close up photos that you post…again, it just makes us stop and LOOK. And, if it was because of “Bert” that you wrote about Venice, then THANK YOU, BERT! Venice awaits me every year when I return to sketch and paint Her again. I’ve been introducing painting students to Her because to not know Her, is to have a huge void in your heart!


        • I’ve just been wandering through your website, mostly the Italy part right now. How long have you been doing watercolours? And, how long have you been coming to Venice, which has captured your heart and paint brushes?

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        • I’ve been painting for 33 years. Started with watercolors and, although I’ve tried MANY other mediums, watercolors were my first love and still are! As for Venice, I first visited Her about 20 years ago and for the last 3 years, I’ve conducted painting workshops there (with another one planned for end April-May 2016). Anyway, I loved learning more about Chiesa Angelo Raffaele! Will think of you when I next pass by!

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  14. There is no competition. A dog needs a good decent name and should be called Fred.

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  15. Andrew Hall

    The Bible or Miss Garnet’s Angel. Love that church but was once chased out by a mad warden. We still don’t know what we did to annoy him. Perhaps he was just ‘eccentric’.

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