Situated in the Simpson Desert, the 30 metre high sand dune, Big Red, provides a challenge for any four wheel drive enthusiast.

big red

Big Red: image sourced online

The rear window of a battered, dusty vehicle parked in the main street of sunny downtown Dismal Swamp displayed this sticker. 20150805_155641 In Australia, much of our soil is a distinctive red colour. You soon learn not to wear light coloured footwear and clothing if you intend to have anything to do with it. In the desert areas of Australia , it is as fine as sifted flour, and is known as “bulldust”.

However, I now have the opportunity to provide you with a very useful piece of Aussie slang. Suppose your mate (friend) tells you a highly unbelievable tale. You are entitled to say to him/her “Bulldust!”  That sounds ever so much more refined than bullsh*t, doesn’t it?



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14 responses to “Bulldust

  1. I once tried to learn Austalian. I got as far as ‘owyergoinmateawright’ and baled out. I shall return to my language course.

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  2. A useful addition to my vocabulary… but will the locals understand me?

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  3. I did not believe what my eyes were reading ! I was used to be spoiled by the sweetness of Venice and Florence and all of a sudden I finf myself in a red desert at the middle of Australia !!! 😉
    But,now, I am able to speak Australian!!! 🙂
    Love ❤

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  4. Bulldust, to go with the cow-catcher bumper/fender that so many 4×4’s used to have?! Or is that horse manure too?


    • Hah! Those are ‘roo bars, calm one. We have lots of kamikaze kangaroos on the roads, especially at dawn and dusk. I don’t particularly like driving at those times of the day. And, that’s no bulldust.

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  5. sunsetdragon

    very cool

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  6. But I need to know how to say it in Italian!


    • Ask your teacher, Michelle.


    • French could be “bullet or bull frog”. Spanish (siesta)……”bulldozer”.
      Italian, no idea Michelle 😀

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      • Google translate says the Italian is: “polveri Bull” and a lot of us know that is totally WRONG (and they had been doing so well). So I got out my trusty Italian dictionary and it should be “la polvere di toro” of course I already knew Italian for bull but since I tend to ignore dust I had not learned that word. Wouldn’t you know that the Italian for dust would be a feminine noun? Since we tend to be responsible for cleaning it up…but then we tend to be responsible for cleaning up that other stuff from the bull too.
        I much prefer polvere di stelle….as in the song written in 1927 by Hoagy Carmichael…after all it refers to “purple” dust and we know that’s my favorite color.
        They have that red dust that gets all over and into everything in Hawaii too. They even sell t-shirts dyed with it.

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