Brian Eno and what’s-his -name

A Venetian Biennale event titled The Sound of  Fire and Water  is currently being presented in the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Music (Palazzo Pisani, very near Campo Santo Stefano).  The installations, meant to represent the interaction between sight and sound, consist of the recognisable music of Brian Eno and some of the rather less attractive paintings of Beezy Bailey.

Beezy Bailey has done many very good paintings. To see some  of his works online, click on this link:  images

But the ones on display surely did not reflect his talent. Oh well, the Palazzo and the views from its upper floors were well worth the visit.  And, the music of Brian Eno was very acceptable.


At the top of one flight of stairs, these tourists (*) paused to ponder an offering from Beezy Bailey. They were puzzled, and climbed the next set of stairs.


This landing is decorated in a very different, but lovely manner.


From the top floor, we were rewarded with rooftop views of Venice.

In the Conservatory that day, it was business as usual, so as we looked out onto Venice, we heard the sounds of pianos, string instruments and some highly dramatic vocal exercises.

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Looking down I saw an inner courtyard with a couple of wellheads, and one pesky tourist.



(*) These are two more pesky tourists, this time from Nuneaton, England. I couldn’t seem the shake them off my tail.



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28 responses to “Brian Eno and what’s-his -name

  1. In the early 70s, I shared a flat with a friend just off The Embankment in Westminster. My friend didn’t use the word ‘pesky’ to describe tourists. 🙂

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  2. That’s the trouble with those Nuneaton people – once you speak to them, you can never get rid of ’em. There’s one outside my house now….

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  3. Venetian roofs, staircases and marble marquetry add in some music and I am totally happy.

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  4. Those tourists sure do get around.

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  5. I loved the yellow house and the next one over with the little red outside bit

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  6. I remember the flights of stair and the ocre colored walls .
    Music and painting should make a good duo expressing the soul of Venice.
    I liked also the sight on the roofs of the town.and the ocre of the wall of the big house viewed though the window.
    Love ❤

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  7. Okay, so I realized that I had no idea who Brian Eno is/was….so I googled him. Of course I’ve been listening to his music forever and just never realized it. Well, it does say he’s the father of ambient music….which you really aren’t supposed to notice. But it’s so unlike me not to notice. Especially since I once special ordered the soundtrack album to a movie because I loved the music (it was something about the Amazon jungle) and Jim said “music? what music?”

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  8. I have a friend who collaborated with Brian Eno in the music realm…admire him there for some inspiring tunes.

    Your photos are wonderful!

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    • Well, thank you, Anne! I’ve always liked Brian Eno’s music. At some of the displays, you could clap on some headphones and enjoy offerings from him as you ‘admired’ the paintings.


  9. OK, who are the 11 folks from Russia who’ve been skulking around my blog? Make yourselves known, please! 🙂


  10. Pesky tourists abound. What’s a person to do?

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  11. Great presentation of Venice rooftops and paintings. Tourists are everywhere now. Bowral gets invaded each week-end. Great for the coffee shops.

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