Public transport in Dismal Swamp

If you want to get away from Dismal Swamp, here is one of your options: rail travel. I’ll be happy to take your money sell you a ticket to wherever you want to go.

Bring a cushion, especially if you’re not well padded. Oh, and there’s no Wi-Fi access in any of the carriages. But, that’s a plus, right?

All aboard!












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27 responses to “Public transport in Dismal Swamp

  1. No wifi??? How will people cope? It might be a pleasant change.

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  2. I love trains. As a kid we would catch steam trains to see our family in New England.

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  3. Wonderful – really inspires the imagination

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  4. Susie L

    Great photos Y!

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  5. joanneh

    I would take it and turn it into a small seaside retreat. All the rage here now

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    • There’s an old train station right there, and it has recently been turned into a café. The owner (he makes really good meat pies …) is converting a couple of old carriage into space for eating. Good on him!


  6. My late husband would have spent days….maybe weeks or months there.
    And by the way lady….even those of us who are “well padded” would still need a good cushion in one of those.

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  7. Great post. Took me back to Saskatchewan and I can hear the haunting notes of the train whistle.

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  8. So much history and stories contained I imagine.

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  9. I love ole trains. There is so much colour in old things that you’d never get in Italia.

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  10. Dismal Swamp is really up to date with fashion. That distressed look is in ! 😉 ❤

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  11. What a nostalgy !. Another time !
    Lovez ❤

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  12. They are nice photos though. I know here were still weatherboard trains running in the mid fifties. Dad could not believe it and wrote back to Holland about it>

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