Trieste has interesting architecture

Trieste is only about 2 hours by train from Venice, and well worth a visit, if you have a few spare days and wonder what to do with them.

One activity that can absorb you is observing the many styles of architecture on display in the old part of the city.





There’s some good information on this site, if you want to know more about this city.  Trieste



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19 responses to “Trieste has interesting architecture

  1. Susie L

    So many lovely building facades! I would love to visit there one day.


  2. I love seeing the elaborate facades on these buildings. The detail is wonderful. Your posts always give me such itchy feet.

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  3. It is “wow architecture”. I am very happy that You showed Trieste to us. Thank You.

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  4. And if your pictures of the beautiful architecture didn’t convince me….I have way too many ancestors from there not to visit!


  5. I hope the houses of the via Andrea d’Appico are as much comfortable as they are beautiful.outsude.
    Love ❤

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  6. Listen here, Lady. stop frustrating me with the desire to go visit when I never can. But actually I love visiting all these places you take us to. I am still overcome by the Memorial on Monte Grappa. That one stays with me forever.

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  7. Lovely city, in a beautiful place. And yes, eating there is a must.

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  8. Yes, Triest is an interesting city. I once knew a couple from Triest who had a restaurant thta served up Triest food. It was sublime.

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