Just typical!

Every time I turn around, there’s one of those little Nissan vans. I’ve found out the model is called S-Cargo.* (Say that with a French accent, and you’ll get it!) This one was parked near a local leash free park, and I deduce the dogs I saw having a good time are members of the circus that is in Dismal Swamp just now. 20150716_144518 I don’t know why Dismal Swamp was one of the chosen venues for the touring group of the Moscow Circus, another mystery of life! Here’s a view of the interior of the vehicle. I was surprised to see it’s an automatic. 20150716_144537 The specifications tell me they were all produced as right hand drive, the motor is 4-cylinder, 1.5 L. This one wasn’t decorated as a wee mouse. 20150716_144606 I assume that when the circus leaves town, that’ll be the last I see of these quirky little vans.

“The Nissan S-Cargo is a small retro commercial van manufactured by Nissan. The styling of the S-Cargo was directly inspired by the appearance of the small postwar French Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette delivery van; it even used a Citroën style single spoke steering wheel. The 2CV was in its final years of production in the late 1980s and had a niche popularity in Japan at this time. Its name was a double entendre meaning both “Small Cargo” as well as “Escargot“, the French word for snail, a nickname for the Citroën 2CV being The Tin Snail.” Wikipedia



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29 responses to “Just typical!

  1. It’s a bit cute but I wonder how safe it would be. We saw the circus was in Cairns when we were there the other day.

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  2. yes there is parenty with the 2CV by the silmplicity and the general. design . The 2 CV time was a happy time ,life was simple.
    Love ❤

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  3. It’s cute but don’t get carried away.

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  4. Isn’t it funny how, once you notice ONE, you see them everywhere after that.

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  5. Susie L

    I like that van! There is always something interesting to see in Dismal Swamp, isn’t there Y?

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  6. Nice car. Could you sleep in it?

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  7. sunsetdragon

    That is a cool little van and I want one.

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  8. Cute, but I think I will pass. 😀 Don’t think I have ever seen the Moscow Circus.

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  9. It does sort of look like a snail.
    I saw the Moscow circus in Seattle probably ___ years ago. It was great!
    Note I was going to put how many years ago and realized it was way too far back for that. I do remember my husband was very upset that I spent $50 for two tickets. Bet you can’t get them for that now.


  10. Maybe you are hallucinating Yvonne and are really living in Moscow. 😀 ❤

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