The church known as Orsanmichele is located on a main thoroughfare in Florence. People walking past may notice statues of the patron saints of various guilds on the facades of the church. These statues are copies. To see the  originals from the late 14th century, you need to visit the museum, which is tucked in behind the church. The museum is open on Monday, and admission is free. It’s well worth a visit, even though there are many steps to climb to gain access! As an added bonus, you’ll get some panoramic views of Florence through the windows on the top floor of the museum.

When you walk around behind the church, be sure to look up at the façade of the museum building, it’s quite beautiful. 20150439 20150441-002 20150442 20150443



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17 responses to “Museum~Orsanmichele

  1. RYC : I am sorry Yvonne you have been unable to dowlnoad the pictures fof my site


  2. Yes the façade of the museum building is rich in remarkable sculptures which let us guess what is inside .
    Thanks to share this with us
    Love ❤


  3. I wish I had known about this when we were there!

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  4. We once had an apartment not far away and used to walk past Orsanmichele every day. Happy memories.

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  5. sunsetdragon

    what a beautiful place

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  6. Jane

    The griffin crest has been giving me headaches. No one seems to know who or what it represents. Thanks however for reminding me which building it was on. Your first pic is the Palagio dell’Arte della Lana, now the dante Society building.

    You have got me me stuck on your first question because I thought all the sculptures around Orsanmichele were copies!

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    • If anyone can find out about that crest, it’s you!

      Perhaps my information about the sculptures is out of date, Jane? I’ve done some more reading, and think I’ll edit that part of my post.


  7. Thanks for the continuing trip.

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  8. Many steps to climb is a feature of life in Italy. That’s why the pastas were invented. Without them Italy would be without steps. Of course, with so many saints taking steps up and down Mnt Calvary, steps became part of religeon.
    I think the bottom photo is an original image!

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