A heavy door

“A very little key will open a very heavy door.”

Charles Dickens, Hunted Down 007 008 009  



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35 responses to “A heavy door

  1. I suspect that door could tell some stories.

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  2. Andrew Hall

    As the bolt appears to be on the outside it seems a little pointless.

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    • And, excuse the pun, you have a point there, Andrew.


    • If you zoom in on the number in the first photo, you’ll see it is red. In Florence, red numbers indicate a place of business, so that would explain why the bolt is on the outside.

      Who would have thought a couple of doors could excite such interest! And, when I get back to Florence, I’ll be looking for this pair of doors so I can satisfy everyone’s curiosity.


  3. There’s something about doors and I guess its a combination of history and mystery. Lovely set.

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  4. I love taking photos of unique doors, hinges, knockers etc. these are gorgeous!

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  5. Bert

    Pity the poor postman/woman who has to push envelopes through that letter-box!

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  6. A great door. Just imagine getting married and then having to carry the bride inside after opening that set of doors?

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  7. The sliding bolt is curled up at both ends so shouldn’t move. Probably an illusion with a break in the bolt hidden under the left bolt support. Now that’s magic ! 😀 ❤

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  8. sunsetdragon

    love this door.

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  9. And at one time it took a very large key!


  10. Jane

    Oh, sharp eyes!


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