Not far from Tonolo, Dorsoduro

Pasticceria Tonolo  is responsible for me falling off the sugar wagon, many times! If you’re there around Carnevale, be sure to sample their fritelle.

These sugar free offerings were found in a calle very near this tempting place.








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14 responses to “Not far from Tonolo, Dorsoduro

  1. Very interesting that there are “sugar free offerings”! Great photos again from Venice.

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  2. Sounds like the right kind of university.

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  3. From surprise to surprise ; this is Vence ! 🙂

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  4. Have you ever been inside the Palazzo Dolfin (last photo?). The salone is amazingly beautiful, even though not so famous. It is one of the seats of the Ca’ Foscari University, so entrance is not forbidden.

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  5. No longer a low calorie blog 😰

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  6. Wonderful but who knocked ot the head?

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