The cloister, Madonna dell’Orto

You may recall this photo, taken outside the Madonna dell’Orto, in which my attempt to get a clear shot of the sculpture was stymied by the pesky tourist photo-bombers.


Well, I gave it another try, once the exhibition in the cloister of this church in Cannaregio had opened.

The exhibition is Chiamata e risposta (Call and response), and is well worth seeing.  It is open until 22 November.

This link will introduce you to the artist and her work:   call-and-response

First of all, you get a chance to see the rarely open cloister:


It’s the first time I was able to see the campanile from this particular angle.


And, I had never seen this well head before



Emily Young uses “rock from quarries near her studio in the Etruscan hills” to  produce her beautiful, powerful sculptures.







A fragment from the past leans casually against a wall.


And, I did wonder who had done the taxidermy work on these two avians.



PS The pesky tourists enjoyed this exhibition, also.


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14 responses to “The cloister, Madonna dell’Orto

  1. Caroline

    The Emily Young exhibition was open last summer too, although I don’t think the sculpture outside was there then. There are some lovely pieces, aren’t there? The stuffed birds seemed to be part of the exhibition in the summer of 2013, so maybe the family who own the cloister bought them.

    At the 2013 opening we met the contessa and she told us the story of how they came to own it: we can’t remember clearly but they were supposedly sold/given it by Napoleon, and then excommunicated for it! (I assume they’ve since been… re-communicated? 🙂 ) Those of us who hung about for long enough got invited inside the low building at the front of the cloister; I asked her what is used for normally & it’s just her children’s pied-a-terre for when they come to Venice!

    (Finally getting time to catch up on your last 2 months’ worth of blog entries! So sorry we didn’t see more of each other this year. When are you back? I am working part-time next year!)

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    • That’s good news about your working hours next year, Caroline. Mimi will be happy to have you around more. And, I’ll have a better chance to see more of you, also!

      I didn’t realise there was such an interesting story attached to the cloister.

      I’m busy with one of the pesky tourists who is up here doing maintenance work on his wife’s house, which is near where I live. They’ve got far too many windows, I can tell you that! But, some of them look very clean, and my arms are sore. 🙂

      Cheers to you, Phil and Mimi. ❤


  2. Those heads are amazing, thanks for showing us.

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  3. You rock Yvonne 😀 ❤


  4. Marvellous work. How amazing that that pesky woman was still there second time round 🙂


  5. Could I have the head with the swept back hair for my birthday please? Of course it is probably way too large for my current digs.


  6. I have wasted so much time waiting for people to move so I can get a clear shot!

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