A few years ago, I’d read about this taxi driver in Florence, and always hoped I’d get to see her and her unique taxi cab.

While waiting for a bus to take me up the hill to Fiesole, I finally got my wish. (See, wishes can come true!)

Her taxi is covered in colourful painting, along with a smiley face at the front.


And, she is every bit as colourful (and eccentric) as her taxi.


Yes, she’s a registered driver with the Comune of Florence.Β  Now that I’ve got her taxi number (276), maybe I can request her for a little drive.


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31 responses to “Taxi!

  1. Rob C

    She certainly believes in ‘sharing’ her family with the world!
    Nice Metro Cab (English Taxi maker now owned by the Chinese), shame about the paint job πŸ˜‰

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  2. This taxi is surely attractive !! I would like to have a ride with!! πŸ™‚


  3. I suspect in Britain she would be locked up! And that would be a shame. Such fun.

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  4. Those who fly their colors proudly make me less ashamed of my own.

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  5. I just love eccentrics, they make the world wobble a bit.

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  6. I love it. It is a great idea to give joy for people by painting the taxi. Thank You for this post.

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  7. Wonderful idea to pep up the dull taxis!

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  8. Wow, I love people who set about life their own positive way.

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    • For sure, it’s good to see people stepping out of the expected boundaries in our societies, without being offensive or destroying the property of others.


  9. I love a bit of eccentricity.

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  10. It ought to be a wonderful ride. Love the little taxi! πŸ™‚

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  11. Is that the only colorful cab? Seems like others will want to copy her fame.

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  12. But there are also eccentric taxi passengers. Bea Miles the best known.
    Beatrice (Bea or Bee) Miles (17 September 1902 – 3 December 1973) was an Australian eccentric and bohemian rebel. Described as Sydney’s “iconic eccentric”, she was known for her contentious relationships with the city’s taxi drivers and for her ability to quote any passage from Shakespeare for money.[1]

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  13. Definitely looks like my kind of taxi!


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