The old and the new

During the 2015 Biennale in Venice, one of the sites open to the public was the first cloister of the Frari (the Basilica di Santa Maria Maria Gloriosa dei Frari).


As we walked through the modern offerings, my attention was drawn to these colourful works.



Then, as I walked further, I happened to glance to my left and saw this through a dusty window pane.


And, above a doorway in the cloister, this.


It’s not every day you can cross several centuries as you admire art.

You might like to spend a few moments on this site. He was one of the featured artists, and certainly held our attention. (Yes, I was with the pesky tourists.) paoloventura



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17 responses to “The old and the new

  1. A great contrast and I like the modern art a lot!

    The painting you saw through the dusty window is by Paolo Veneziano; here’s some info

    Cheers, Annie

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    • Annie, thank you so much for identifying the painting. Your post about it was very interesting.

      Next time, I’m taking some window cleaner, and lingering a while longer.


  2. This is the Italian ( venetian) genie . Did you visit the museum with the wart works of the Renaisance painters ?

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  3. You’ll miss those peskies 🙂

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  4. So much beauty in both the old and the new.

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  5. I am not sure what constitutes art but both genres and eras are enjoyable in their own way. Award yourself a gold star for fearless cultural exploration.

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  6. Many times when I go to the off-site locations…in some fabulous palazzo….the building is far more captivating than the artwork!!

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  7. RMW

    I love all art, new and old… I always say even the stuff I don’t like gives me an emotional response and that is what art is all about.

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  8. I admit I can see more artistry in the old than in the new.

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