In which I get to visit Schio

Where is Schio, you might ask, just as I did, when one of the pesky tourists said he wanted to go there to source some special ski boots. I found out that Schio is a town (and commune) north of Vicenza, nestled in the Little Dolomites and Mount Pasubio.  To get there, we took a regional train to Vicenza where we were to change to the local run between  this city and Schio. With time on our hands in Vicenza, we had a most delicious lunch, complemented by a glass of Valpolicello classico wine.  My salivary glands come alive,  just remembering that wine!

In the 19th century, Alessandro Rossi founded a wool firm, which lead to Schio becoming and remaining an  industrial town. In 1879, Signor Rossi  had the Weaver’s Monument erected. The locals call it L’Omo (dialect for man).


L’omo, holding in his hand a shuttle, symbol of the weaving trade. (Sourced online)

We walked around a bit in Schio, while waiting for the ski shop to open. I liked this statue of a snub nosed child with her books.


I didn’t find any pissotte, but was quite satisfied with this street shrine of the Mother and Child.


I wonder how long this farmacia has been serving the locals of Schio?


We walked up (and up) in a park, and found some wild strawberries. I have to sadly report they looked better than they tasted. 


The tourist (not to be confused with The Tourist), had a happy conclusion to his business, and we headed to the train station for our connection to Vicenza. The train we were on was very posh, with some seats like this in each carriage. We felt right spiffy on this ride. But, our pride soon falleth, when we realised that the station named Giardino was in fact Vicenza, as our luxurious train with us on it, headed back toward Schio! Suffice it to say, we got to know another little town where we got off, had an aperitivo and waited for the Schio-Vicenza train to come toodling back to take us to the  transfer point.




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22 responses to “In which I get to visit Schio

  1. You made some great memories on that trip.

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  2. You were protected by the painting of St Mary queen of peace ..
    Thanks to make us visit Shio in the Little Dolomites . I envy you.
    Love ❤

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  3. Not quite the same (or as easy to fix) as “accidentally” getting on the vaporetto going in the wrong direction;-)
    And it looks like you had a lovely day and saw some place new.


  4. Where is Schio, you might ask ? Well, I haven’t got it ! I always get the blame for everything 😉 ❤


  5. Susie L

    That sounds like a wonderful day!

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  6. Linda Bailey Zimmerman

    Did the tourist BUY ski boots? That’s a heavy load to put into luggage returning to Australia!!

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  7. Vorrei un bicchiere di quello che si stanno avendo e un viaggio sul treno

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  8. Bert

    Those arm rests also prevent people from stretching out for a snooze.

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  9. what a nice place and the seat on the train is quite posh 🙂

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  10. What a fun time you had. There seems to be as much to enjoy off the beaten track as there is on it.

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