Storia illustrata

What a story this photo tells!


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8 responses to “Storia illustrata

  1. I kind of saw a parent and child in this one after a grueling match. I’ve been that dad! Never that kid, though. When you ride the bench, there isn’t much cause for a helping hand afterward.

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  2. “I might got a tattoo on me leg but it just don’t help. Geez the bugger hurts.”

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  3. Are they getting married? If not, they seem very friendly. Perhaps they had a game of soccer and one is injured and needs support.

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    • Poor Number 4, he needs a shoulder to lean on.

      (Hey, I reckon they were playing rugby, not soccer. Can someone verify this?)


      • Bert

        I’m sure it’s not soccer, as they don’t wear headgear like that in soccer. It’s most probably rugby, but there may be other games played on pitches like that where protective headgear is worn — lacrosse or hockey?

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