Just typical!

Now that it’s time to leave, the weather goes all warm and fuzzy. That’s life, eh?

In the Piscina di Frezzeria, not far from Piazza San Marco, this pissotte has received a cheerful, atypical make over.


The wall next to it didn’t avoid a brush with colour, either.


I’m not sure whether to call it graffiti, or street art. What do you think?


Ciao for now. See you sometime next week, I reckon.



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20 responses to “Just typical!

  1. Tricky question. I guess it is street art, but not to my taste, but if it spawns more of them, it becomes graffiti.

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  2. Graffiti. No matter how skilled the artist, if he paints on someone else’s property without being invited, it’s graffiti.

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  3. And all things considered….they are great shots to leave us with!

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  4. Graffiti Art? What’s in a name. It looks good if a little modern for our dear old Serenissima.

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  5. I suppose it depends where it is. It is certainly colourful.

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  6. Time to go! Oh, please, say it isn’t so! 😦

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  7. Susie L

    The wall looks like it was painted by the owner of that wildly colorful house on Burano.

    I can’t believe your trip is over already, Y. How did that happen so quickly? Thank you for taking us along.

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  8. Sigh….. Your trip has flown by like a rocket!!!

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  9. Press the blue button on the wall to flush ! 😀 ❤

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  10. I vote for street art!

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