* I’ve been called a Cyber bl**dy freak, and I love that! Recognition at last.

The arrival of two more pesky tourists in the next day or so is going to seriously curtail the time I can spend in a secluded corner thinking of blog posts.  So, I’d better get organised and have one ready to publish. So, here you go. This is how the Vigili del Fuoco (firemen) check the hydrants and hoses in Venice.


Yup, looks OK, no holes in this one.


Turn that water on, Marco

Looking good, blokes.

Looking good, blokes.


This looks like fun. maybe we can all become fire-people in Venice!

* About the title. It has nothing at all to do with this post, but I was so honoured with my new label that I just had to use it. 



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20 responses to “* I’ve been called a Cyber bl**dy freak, and I love that! Recognition at last.

  1. Puter not fixed yet but drove in to town to the library. I am happy you like you new name.

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  2. great street/worker shots!! and cracking up at the title and label – ha! you are fun

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  3. PS Could I get one of the T-shirts you are having printed in an XXL to use as a nightshirt? Pretty please? Okay, I’ll pay for it and for shipping too;-)

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  4. I’ve noticed just like home….to be a fireman you have to pass a test as to how good you look in the uniform ….or here a very nicely fitting T-shirt. Oh, that’s right….they have to be strong to carry me out of that burning building.
    As for why do they need a fire department….ever see a boat on fire? I have. What is above the water still can catch fire and burn.
    That’s why fireplaces are banned in the city and the fornace (ovens for glass blowing) all got moved to Murano.

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  5. Did they give you a ride in the fire truck?


  6. Dear Cyber Bliidy Freak (did I guess right?) I have to wonder why they need a fire brigade in Venice as most of the place is under water.

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    • That’s a pretty close approximation, Andrew!

      Since I’ve been here, there was a fire at the hospital which the brave fellows dealt with. There aren’t many such events, luckily.

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  7. Who bestowed your new title???

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  8. Jane

    I wonder how long it takes to check the whole city?

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  9. Fame at last Yvonne. Dismal Swamp will be so proud of you my friend 😉 ❤

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