Bassano del Grappa revisited

The pesky tourists and I took the slow regional train to Bassano del Grappa today. The weather was lovely, and Bassano, as always, was charming.

The river water was clean and still, with lots of trout swimming in it.


We ate lunch at the place you can see across the river, the one with the yellow umbrellas. We ate … trout.


The sign says  “It’s forbidden to trample the dreams.”


Guess what we found? A pissota!


The tourists enjoyed the view from the bridge.


This Alpinisto is either bidding his sweetheart hello or goodbye. I hope it was the former.


Huh! Window shutters can come  in other colours aside from green.


And, other shapes aside from a wide rectangle.


Some glimpses of the architectural details in Bassano del Grappa.


Quite a few buildings show traces of frescoes.


We discovered this is the private home of a local business man. We watched as his car was lowered via an elevator in the driveway, into his underground garage.


We also visited the memorial on Monte Grappa. This will be the subject of a separate post.

My apologies for the long period of silence. We’ve had a few problems with the internet provider!



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37 responses to “Bassano del Grappa revisited

  1. Beautiful pictures as always. I’m always jealous and I hope I can get back to Italy someday.

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  2. Wonderful collection of delights, I particularly like the pissota and can’t help imagining what would happen if you (as in a passing gent) used it.

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  3. That first picture is a cracker!

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  4. I’m pleased you are up and running again. I enjoy your gazeteer.

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  5. What a gorgeous place! I have had problems too. Clouditalia decided not to link with WordPress for a few days.


  6. I like how you left in the stop sign and blue/white arrow with those red shutters – the whole vibe was enriched by that – and enjoyed this post – 🙂

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  7. sunsetdragon

    What a beautiful place and great photos. I love the very first photo of the bridge and reflection the best.

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  8. What a lovely visit you all had.


    • It turned out to be a long day, involving train platform changes we weren’t aware of and a few creative train changes, on our way home! It all added to the “fun”.


  9. Lowering a car onto the driveway. Now there is an answer for difficult parking problems. How was the trout? What glorious surroundings.

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    • It’s a beautiful town, Gerard, keep it in mind for your trip. The trout was so darn good, it was somewhat like smoked salmon, which I do like (in moderation.) The wine (very dry rose) and dessert (crème brulee) also satisfied the inner woman.


  10. Jane

    I was wondering how you chose this town out of so many until I googled the monument. Wow! I look forward to your post on that!

    The elongated window shutter had me wondering if you could open each one of those slightly smaller sections from the inside to moderate light and cold….?

    So glad the internet was the problem and nothing else….we are all addicted!


  11. I was beginning to wonder but figured you were busy with “the tourists”.
    Glad you are back.
    I love the little sign with the white carved geese!
    Well, I love all of it but especially that.

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  12. Wondered where you’d got to. But it was worth the wait.

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  13. Susie L

    Beautiful photos Y! Bassano reminds me a bit of Treviso, possibly because of the frescoes and the river. (I haven’t been to Bassano yet.) I am glad you are back on-line!

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    • It’s a very interesting and apparently prosperous town.

      I’m so glad we got to Monte Grappa, without snow this time, but darn cold!

      Argh, being sans internet was an ugly scene for all of us!


  14. Do you think the shutters were deliberately colour coordinated with the STOP sign? That would be very Italian.

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  15. Brian

    I’m just amazed that you’re in Italy the same time as me.

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