During this visit to Venice, I’m not taking many photos, being busy evading those darn tourists and all.

Here’s a selection to show that I haven’t been completely slack.

I wonder what this officer spied up above us? And, is she deciding she needs a manicure at the same time? Oh, and check out the most recent hairstyle for blokes on the fellow in the background.


We went back to see the maestro (Carlo) pour some bronze pieces, at the Valese Foundry. I never get tired of watching the whole process. It sure was warm in the foundry that afternoon.


This is rather hot, I reckon.


Did he buy a watermelon, or not?


The fellow who operates the hoist that lowers the Pink Lioness dragon boat took advantage of their tardy arrival to catch some rest in his hammock. I was very envious.


And, here come those Lionesses, ready to get out and row. They’re in serious training for the Vogalonga (literally a very  ‘long row’ of 42 km) which takes places on 24 May. Some of you will recognise a familiar face. She was looking mighty serious that day.


Just a rather nice incised piece, hanging around.


And, an interesting piece of real estate.




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23 responses to “This’n’that

  1. sunsetdragon

    Great shots and that mimic sure looks inviting.

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  2. great shots Yvonne and lovethe officer lady – her earrings are great too – but you really captured so much in that pose. also – the variety in each photo was nice – the two legs with the melons – the hammock, etc. – 🙂

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  3. One of the little boys at my school has a haircut like that (but it’s a bit longer at the back in a sort of narrow mullet style). All I could think was “Oh, you poor child.”

    Love these photos – all that sunshiney goodness.

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  4. Great post Yvonne. The policewoman is great. The melons are great. The hammock is great. All is great ! Great post my friend 😀 ❤ xox

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  5. You have to row with the oars that you were given!

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  6. The following of fashion fads has been going on forever, but some are just plain ridiculous. And I much prefer the lady in the uniform.

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  7. Jane

    We were there last year during the “long row”. Lots of fun watching all the boats dodging the Vaps…..until Sunday when the Vaps on the Grand Canal were shut off from 9 to 3. Every kind of boat with a paddle imaginable!

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    • I’m looking forward to seeing it, Jane. There’s a vaporetto/bus strike tomorrow, so the streets will be even more crowded, and folks will be dragging their heavy suitcases to and from the station and Piazzale Roma. Oh, and thunderstorms are predicted!


  8. The “blokes’s” hair style seems to be popular with the young-uns here too.

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  9. The haircut is very fashionable amongst those who are misguided by youth. Our son-in-law sports this ‘style’ and I have to contain my laughter every time I see it. I prefer the foundryman’s style.

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  10. If it was a bedroom (the one with the window over a passage) you must hear people walking under you whilst you lay in bed.

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  11. Lovely pictures as always. I had to enlarge that last one to make sure it was a hairy plant in the window and not an animal of some kind.
    And, yes, our friend is headed for a very serious row.

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