Tourists in Venice

These two tourists keep bobbing up in my photos. Does anyone know who in heck they are?

Here they are, photo-bombing an installation outside the church Madonna dell’Orto.


Then, they turned up when I went to see the pouring at the Valese Foundry. I went out onto the dock and there they were, wading in the water of the northern lagoon, Β looking for sea glass in a tiny patch of earth beside the foundry wall. They found some, apparently.



I checked very carefully before I took this photo, and I think I may have evaded those pesky tourists at last.


Excuse me for a moment, someone is ringing my doorbell. I wonder who it could be?




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36 responses to “Tourists in Venice

  1. Sometimes we are the cause of our own problems. Turn off the camera and have another vino.

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  2. here is a link about our visit of Venice in 2011 . I hope it works :


  3. I notice you know the little corners of Venice where only a few tourists go . I am wondering if you live there .

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  4. Did they come back to collect their washing? It looks like you’re having a fun time.

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  5. Just lens flare Yvonne πŸ˜€ ❀

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  6. Sheesh, I’m thinking you should call the cops!

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  7. Such fun. I hope you manage to steer clear of the tourists.

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  8. Jane

    Oh boy….daring to put ones feet in the water there… . That is a wonderful head outside Madonna del’Orto!

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  9. Derrick said it for me. “Was it them?”

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  10. It’s all your fault….since you invited them and provided housing. Did you ever think you would contribute to the tourist influx? After all…everyone knows “we” aren’t tourists!

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  11. Are you sure that you are not stalking them?


  12. Was it them? Was it them? Was…. Descendants of Alfred Hitchcock?

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  13. Make sure they sign a release form. Nice pics. πŸ˜€

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  14. Susie L

    How much fun for you to have those pesky tourists around!


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