Little things

It’s the small details in Venice that often make visitors stop, look and take photos.

The façade of this building is a case in point.





And, while I write this, the bells of the nearby Carmine church are playing “Ave Maria”.

Here is another lovely Mother and Child, not too far from the one above.




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25 responses to “Little things

  1. We went to Venice in 2011 during a week and I recognize in this post the feeling we had at this time ; I posted about.


  2. It pays to slow down and look up when travelling!


  3. I love these little intricacies of buildings so often seen in Europe. Like a treasure hunt of architecture.


  4. I love finding small things too. Venice is a treasure trove of things to discover.


  5. The ‘ Ave Maria’ is often used at weddings which is somewhat of a dis incentive for a honey moon, seeing Maria was supposed to be a virgin. Still, it is lovely music,


  6. These are the things that are “good” about the “good old days.”

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  7. I love detail as you probably realise. There is so much to discover. I must go back.

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  8. I miss those bells. Sometimes they would just stop me in my tracks and I would step against a wall (so as not to block the calle) and just listen.
    And it’s always special when they are playing a song you recognize as they did one December when I stood in my apartment window (thrown wide open even though it was freezing) and just listened. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

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  9. Indeed those little things in Venice that delight me too. How long do you get to stay there?

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    • Hi, Emma. I’m here until the end of May, which will be a nice length of time. My son and daughter in law arrive tomorrow, I look forward to them enjoying Venice, also.


  10. The bells always get me!!!
    I remember when Elisabetta called me from Guidecca…and the bells were so loud we had to wait til were done ringing to finish our call.

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  11. Maxine

    I am sat here in the U.K. imagining that I can hear the wonderful bells of Venezia. Love the Carmini area. Love your blog — thank you !

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  12. Jane

    Don’t you wish you knew the history of the person who carved each of these and the reason they were commissioned? Thanks for seeing and sharing!

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