The last day in Florence yields some surprises

Guess what? Those climbing human/animals have been removed from their place in the sun, to be replaced by … spoons.


I wonder what is going to happen to them now?

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And then I heard some familiar music that made me think of Venice. When I rounded the corner, there he was, the one man band. He confirmed that he comes down to Florence from time to time. I wonder if I’ll see him in Venice? 010 011 I finally noticed some chimneys. They’re not up to the standard we’re used to in Venice, but we can’t have it all. 002 Get out the crochet hooks, or ask your granny to get busy, ladies. I present the latest must-have fashion for the spring season. 015 And, finally, for Jane who has been waiting patiently for some family crests, I present these. I hope Jane can identify them for us. 017 046 And, the final unpleasant surprise. The forecast rain arrived, with a vengeance.



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50 responses to “The last day in Florence yields some surprises

  1. I hear that wearing an oil funnel on your head is the height of fashion in Milan this year. Mine is on order.

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  2. A crocheted dress??? Ha ha, how ghastly. I must get my hook and yarn out. I could be making my fortune.

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  3. sunsetdragon

    Love the spoons on the buildings. What a great place to be with so many photos to take.

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  4. The second crest is my favorite. It’s beautiful.

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  5. I love the spoons! I guess I am simple when it comes to avant garde! I knew I should have kept up with the crocheting! I made one square for a trivet when I was a scout and that was it. Perhaps I could be a quick study? Enjoy Venezia – wish we could join you for another spritz! Or two or ten. (not all at once mind you! )

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  6. Jane

    I would agree with Bert that the second stemma is the Fenzi Family. The first stemma looks like the rampant wolf of the Altoviti…but the arrows give me some pause…. . Do you remember about where it was?

    The spoons are a puzzle? Red and white for Florence?

    I think on balance I liked the half-people better….


  7. Have a lovely time in Venice Yvonne 😀 ❤

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  8. Hope the rain has turned into a sun shower.

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    • Even your magic touch hasn’t worked, Gerard! My son and daughter in law arrive from Victoria on Saturday. I hope they’re greeted with sun and a smiling mother. 🙂


  9. Bert

    The second coat-of-arms is that of the Fenzi family, who were bankers. They opened the first public bank in Italy in 1821 (Wiki).

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  10. Bon Voyage….and welcome to Venezia!!

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  11. I like the spoons better and I’ll pass on the crocheted dress.

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  12. Grannie squares were my specialty way back when. Now where did I put those crochet hooks?

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  13. I like the spoons. I will look out for them on my next trip to Florence. I agree about the chimneys…not a patch on Venice.
    The rain hasn’t hit Lucca and BdL….yet.

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    • The spoons were quite a shock, Debra! But, I like them too. I wish I could take one of the people home with me, and send one to Tom (Cats at the Bar), but I guess that won’t happen.


  14. Ahh, I liked the climbing animals. Have fun in Venice! 🙂


  15. Those granny squares take me back to the 70s!


    • I had to chuckle when I saw that in a very posh shop, with a very posh price tag, Anneli.

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      • Andante

        So glad you’re on your way to Venice – just wish we were still there to greet you.
        My mother was a demon crochet-er, and made blankets / throws that were actually quite attractive – she had a good eye for colours. In the 1970s she made me what was then a very trendy crochet long waistcoat thingy, and I wore it to work often, as it had large, useful pockets … and a label sewn inside saying “Hand made, with loving care, by Mother” – she bought and used quite a few of those over the years. I’ve still got that waistcoat – and a relative exhibited one of mum’s throws in a craft fair a few years back!
        Enjoy yourself in Venice – we did!

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        • It didn’t take long for one of those happy sighs to escape my lips, Andante. I’m very near the San Basilio stop, it’s so handy for everything. A friend here just told me that Tom Hanks is filming at San Marco in the morning. Maybe I’ll join the “few” onlookers, maybe not.

          Do you have any other of the crocheted articles your mother made?


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