Pegna, a Supermercato (and more) Hyacinth Bucket * would have approved

Right near the Duomo, at Via dello Studio 8, is this very posh shop, advertised as “Alimentari, salumeria, drogheria, bottigliera, mesticheria”.  (Food, delicatessen, grocery, liquor store, general housewares). It’s worth going into, just to see how different it is, compared to most supermarkets in Italy.

The display of macarons in the window is what first attracted my attention.


Are you meant to use that sword to chop off the top of the bottle of Bollinger? I wonder how much the whole package costs?


Its front entrance  is not like the usual supermarket door in Florence. Inside, the aisles are wide and uncluttered.


I wonder what function this building served before its modification?


What in heck is Gunpowder tea? Has anyone ever had it?


In the grocery section, they have a selection that would gladden the hearts of folks from North America.



I had a moment of temptation here.


So, what did I buy? A packet of soft dish cloths, they’re hard to find in Dismal Swamp!

* Oh, and for those of you who don’t know her, here’s Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “Bouquet”)





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43 responses to “Pegna, a Supermercato (and more) Hyacinth Bucket * would have approved

  1. I would have gone in for the macarons alone! Good old Hyacinth, she is the expert on graceful living for sure. I haven’t ever tried Gunpowder tea but my nephew loves it and says it has a strong flavour.

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  2. Good old Hyacinth. There are plenty of her around. As well as the long suffering husbands. Social climbing could become an Olympic sport.

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  3. Caroline

    Exciting-looking place!

    Re cutting the top off a champagne bottle, I did once experience this! I went riding in France at a stables attached to a chateau, the proprietor of which was described as an old fascist & looked very striking with his moustaches and his immaculate riding gear, shiny boots and yes, sword. Prior to setting off on our evening hack we were given punch (yes, alcoholic!) in his drawing room, then rode across country for a meal in a local village restaurant where he did the sword & champagne bottle thing. Then cantered home in the dark, half-cut, through the vineyards. I couldn’t even ride at the time, but somehow managed to hang on! It seemed a very French experience.

    What do soft dishcloths look like?

    Michelle, you may be able to get your Old El Paso stuff here – there’s a grocery shop near Coin with a small ‘ethnic food’ section, a bigger one in Mestre & Panorama has a few shelves too: I’ll try to remember to check the next time I’m there.

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    • Grazie, Caroline. Actually I think I’m going to miss hummingbirds (they only live in the western hemisphere I discovered) much more than I’ll miss Mexican food. I never buy “old El Paso” here because we have such a variety of other brands here and a Mexican restaurant on nearly every corner….usually with an Italian one next door.
      Living in Venice will be more important….anything I miss I can do without.


    • That was quite an experience Caroline, including the non-rider clinging to a horse.

      The dishcloths are already packed deep in my suitcase, so I shan’t drag them out to show you! The ones I get in DS are totally non-absorbent for some reason. (I’m referring to the ones I use to wash the dishes and wipe down the counter tops.)


  4. Oh my heavens, Hyacinth has paid us a visit! “What a delight!” 😉

    I’ve seen packages of gunpowder tea, but I haven’t the faintest. I simply must ring up Hyacinth and see if she has a “spot of this tea” to which she might share. If she hasn’t any, surely she will send poor Richard off about town to find us some.

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. “Keeping up Appearances” is my cup of tea 😘 ☕️.)

    I’d like to lose myself in that pile of cookies.

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  5. I would like to take that entire macaron tree and bring it home for my candlelight supper…I’d serve it with my Royal Doulton hand painted periwinkle blue china tea service. People of quality and breeding are sure to notice! I love the store Yvonne! I think the Bollinger set is perfect for your next soiree. 🙂

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  6. Gunpowder tea ! That’s a great way to give up smoking ! 😉 ❤

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  7. Great photoshoot. A nice looking super-market. Are there any Westfields up there? I hope not.

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  8. Brian

    Everything that a person of impeccable breeding would need for a delightful candlelight supper.

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  9. I’d love to poke around in there and I think it was a convent originally.

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  10. That would definitely be a Hyacinth approved store (especially if it had a royal crest of some sort…)

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  11. Elizabeth

    I love gunpowder tea. traditionally it is hand rolled in small pellets, maybe 1/4 inch in size and has a unique smokey flavor. I’ve only seen it here in NJ in specialty shops.

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  12. Jane

    Another great find! I have been reading up on Trip Advisor. One person says you should by a tube of “Marvis” italian toothpaste there. Will definitely have to stop when I get back.

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  13. joanneh

    I have to laugh at the Mexican food (I live in mex america) I once with friends decided to have tacos for dinner we had left over chicken. 4 tortillas was something like 4e here the small pack is 96 tortillas for .99 and family size is 250 for 2.99. Needless to say we had chicken sandwichs. Found the same when down under when we attempted to make a real mexican dinner as requested by our hosts. As with Samdfb1 I would top scale at 1000+ eating that whole stack of macaroons in one sitting……………..


  14. Gunpowder is a tea from China. The name came from the appearance. I have never had it. I wouldn’t buy Pepperidge Farm cookies in Italy!

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  15. PS….Love Hyacinth….and her crazy family.


    • Oh, those sisters, and the brother in law!


      • Rose is my absolute favorite! They show reruns here on Saturday nights (I lead a very quiet life) and I still laugh out loud even when I’ve seen the episode many times before. Then at 8pm is my very, all time favorite “As Time Goes By” with that lovely Dame Judi followed at 10 by “The Vicar of Dibly” with her assorted characters in that dysfunctional village.
        And I have had Gunpowder tea but it was a very long time ago when Pier 1 Imports was a crazy store, you never knew what you’d find and not so “up scale”….try 40 years ago.

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  16. That window display would have caught my eye also….and I would have bought some!
    Old El Paso in Firenze….be still my heart. I was thinking I’d have to bring a tortilla press when I move and then figure out how to get corn masa.
    But the real prize would be a supermercato with wide, uncluttered aisles.
    I never did find a time of day when I could navigate my local Punto in Venice without having to back track.
    If I had only known I could ship soft dish cloths to Dismal Swamp. My mother used to have a pattern that used two cloths and some ribbon to stitch up what looked like a pair of bloomers for housewarming or bridal shower gifts….back in the 1950’s before dishwashers.
    I’ll bet the Florentines are totally amazed with some of the things in there.
    Interesting find.


  17. I could never live in Italy. Between the gelato and the macaroons I would be tipping the scales at 900lbs. For real. Great pictures! 😉

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