Street life

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April 7, 2015 · 4:16 pm

36 responses to “Street life

  1. Delightful… and The Last Supper makes yet another appearance.

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  2. And I do apologize Yvonne, I thought I was just putting a link and now don’t know how to get that out. But it is glorious music

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    • My son and daughter in law had a friend playing the hang at their wedding, it was lovely.


      • And you won’t believe what I get when I enter “Hang” in the search box at Barnes and! Yikes!
        I’d love to get a CD of either the one you linked to (his are downloads only) or the guys the I inserted….theirs are in GBP and a little steep for me at this time but I’ll keep watching. Actually out of the four pages at B&N they did have about 4 that had a picture of the drum so I knew what I was getting into but too many vocals…I just want that lovely drum and maybe a cello.

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  3. Andante

    We’ve been feasting on gelati, too, over here in Venice. Oddly, not seen any horses, feasting or otherwise – perhaps because they’d need water wings, a bit like piscine Pegasus?
    Lovely observation and images, as always!!

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  4. In the blurred one, is that a musical instrument the man is playing? That’s my favourite.

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  5. well done, great gallery! you also spotted a student celebrating her final exam to obtain a degree! Love the little girl in blue

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  6. Caroline

    And you found another Last Supper!


  7. I’m on my phone while traveling so can’t see the slideshow but love the blur in the first photo.


  8. Margot

    I’m envious! Loving your blogs!

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  9. Love the horses dining.

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  10. I don’t like it….I love it!

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  11. What a fun gallery of photos!
    Your photos show how much you love Florence!

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