Mission accomplished

Most people would recognise this as the dome designed by Brunelleschi for the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Most people would also simply call this cathedral the Duomo.


I had read about a 1:5 scale model of the dome that had been built  by  Professor  Massimo Ricci  in Florence, and really wanted to have look at this. I knew it was in Anconella Park, and after being in Florence for a while, I felt confident that I could find it. I walked along the Arno River, heading upstream, for about an hour. After asking quite a few people about the exact location of the model, I struck a nice gentleman walking his equally nice dog. He kindly retraced his steps to lead me to the site, saying he had never seen it himself.

Here is my first sighting of the model.


And, here are some closer views. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get inside the structure, so we can’t see what the interior brick-work looks like. Still, it was a little thrill to achieve success in finding it, and  to see how Brunelleschi (and the Professor) had accomplished this architectural/engineering feat.






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28 responses to “Mission accomplished

  1. Andante

    Hello Yvonne , as we’re in Venice right now, do you think if we stood on our balcony over the Grand Canal, and shouted, you might hear us down in Florence? Trying this on a tablet, wretched thing has a mind of its own! Hope you get this okay.


    • Hi, you guys! If only this was a month later, we could shout at each other across a table In Campo Santa Margherita. Will you still be there at Easter? Have a wonderful time, don’t strain your vocal cords.


      • Andante

        Yes, staying over Easter, and we’ll keep our vocal chords well lubricated with prosecco, etc! You sound to be having a great time – interesting posts from you ( as usual).

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  2. Vacker gammal byggnad och ett otroligt arbete.

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  3. Wow, very interesting,Great photographs Yvonne,

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  4. This is wonderful. In Finland nobody has ever done the same, but an old war veteran has made:

    Church scale models from matches.

    They are great although it is me who I say so.

    Buona Pasqua!

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    • I hope a lot of people follow the link to your post about that man who made all those exquisite church models with matches. I agree, they are great.

      Buona Pasqua a te, Sartenada. 🙂


  5. You can imagine the expertise of the bricklayers!


    • And, those bricklayers for the original dome must have been pretty scared that it wouldn’t work, and that they and all the bricks would go crashing down onto the floor of the cathedral.


  6. Great detective work Yvonne!!!


  7. You find the coolest stuff.


  8. Jo

    What amazing brickwork! A work of art in itself. Enjoying your posts about Florence – it’s so dramatically different from Venice, have a lovely time there. The San Ambrogio (?) market is great!

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    • Isn’t it lovely to look at!

      I like the San Ambrogio markets also, they’re a little more intimate than the ones at San Lorenzo. But, if you get back, go up to the first floor of the latter market, where they’re done an amazing transformation.


  9. I didn’t see a National Geographic program on it but Nova a program done by PBS here had an hour long program about a team of scientists trying to recreate the building techniques.
    I doubt you can stream this video outside the US but here is the link just in case: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/great-cathedral-mystery.html
    The did an entire series on building great cathedrals and the most recent one that I saw was on the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.
    I love the Nova programs.


  10. Jane

    Another amazing eye opener!

    I gather one has to be pulled through on a cart, lying down, to see the inside. Good for you on succeeding to find it!!


  11. Is it finished? Or is the top being repaired? I don’t think we heard about this when we were in Florence.


  12. I’m glad someone else knew about this and got to see it, Emma. Was the documentary about the professor and his mission? The graffiti is still there, but very faint.


  13. I went there too last summer after watching the excellent documentary made by National Geographic! (Have you seen it?) It was one of my mission too besides climbing the Duomo.) I too had to ask a few people on the way since it was quite far and I started feeling unsure of the direction. Many of them hadn’t even heard of it either. I’m glad to see the graffiti is erased (as much as possible.)

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