Sunday, sun day

This was a good day to walk along the Arno towards a fragment of the former defence wall, in the vicinity of the Chiesa San Frediano. The added bonus was the presence of a small market tucked against this ancient wall.


One of the stalls offered fresh flowers and potted plants for the garden. I’d never seen this variety of lemon before, it’s called “The Hand of Buddha.”


It looks quite finger like as the fruit ripens, and the segments separate.



The gate itself, Porta San Frediano, is immense. Those doors are not by any means frivolous.




At the end of the wall nearest to the river, there is a watch tower, and an old faded tabernacle set into the base of the tower.


On my way home, I noticed there was an Israelite cemetery in the vicinity. Sadly, the gates were locked, so that opportunity for another adventure was lost to me, at least for this day. 



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35 responses to “Sunday, sun day

  1. Yvonne, beautiful pictures! What a gorgeous sky… I am behind in your posts, but looking forward to catching up on your travels this weekend! Happy to see so many wonderful post.
    take care, Bridget

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  2. That is a very weird lemon. Lovely photos.

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  3. Lemons are so cool.


  4. Caroline

    What extraordinary lemons! If they are also known as citron, I wonder if that’s what is used for the ‘cedro’ ice-cream flavour we see here occasionally and which I found translated as ‘citron’? I’ve never been quite sure what it was.

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  5. Your photos are stunning!

    The Buddha’s Hand is used when candied, and known as citron in Christmas fruit cakes. I’ve yet to candy one, mainly due to the prohibitive cost when found in my local market. It was a treat to see them here, and to learn that they unfold themselves into ‘fingers.’


  6. sunsetdragon

    I love street markets and the plant called the hand of Buddha is a cool looking lemon plant.
    What a wonderful adventure you had and Ty for sharing it through your photos.


  7. I love the markets of Europe. Wonderful arch photos and glorious sunshine!


  8. The lemon tree looks a bit sinister as if it could curl up into an animal or porcupine type fruit that could sting. The gates would be awsome on a MacMansion somewhere in Sydney’s outer suburbs,The envy of the neighborhood.
    Yes, it is getting warmer where you are and here in Bowral it was 8c this morning.


    • I’d never seen any fruit like that, even in Queensland where we do have some strange things. I see it’s still warm up in the tropics, you, H and M should come and housesit for me when I’m not there. 🙂

      I can just imagine someone in Sydney transporting those gates for their mansion!


  9. Great images and a lemon such I have neither seen nor imagined before.


  10. Those lemons are so unusual and the huge doors always amaze me. But the, what they crafted and built without modern technology is always amazing.


  11. Yikes, strange fruit! Mostly ornamental?


  12. I have seen the “Hand of Buddha” in pictures but never in person. I would think that would be hard to peel.
    Lovely day and lovely pics as usual.


  13. Jane

    Um….did you catch close ups of those crests on the tabernacle! I know….. pushy, pushy.

    I have never made it over to those gates….they are wonderful! Thanks again for sharing it almost makes up for the sadness of not getting there this summer!


    • Just a minute while I refresh my memory on how to attach photos in the comments!



      And then, there’s this one:



        • Jane

          Oh you are good….definitely some new things to work on. The first probably Commune of Florence. The next a real curiosity….the door there, the gate maybe(?), the Medici on the right….the left 3 things I can’t work out what do you think they are? The third…the all seeing eye, eye of providence….sometime symbol of “Illuminati”. I’m learning I have to up my knowledge of cross as symbol of a specific group of Christians. Thanks for the treat!!!


  14. That is a gate and a half. I might order one for the new house.


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