Two stories, only one has a happy ending.

After many days of rain and gloom, the sun burst forth today and the skies were a benign blue.


But, there’ll be no sunshine for this car owner when he/she comes to retrieve their car, which had been parked illegally. I wonder how much it will cost to recover it from the car pound? 



The next story involves another idiot who didn’t read the signs!

I walked to the English cemetery and really enjoyed being in an area with shade, trees and green grass.


This is the resting place of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


And this, dear readers, is a selfie of when I got to the gates and found them firmly locked!


I really had visions of spending a long, hungry night with all the other souls. I wondered if the firemen would perhaps come and help me over the fence with one of their ladders.

Finally, I peeked into the office which had been deserted when I entered the cemetery.

Hallelujah! A nice nun was doing a little bit of paper work and she pushed some buttons which released me. When I got to the other side of the gate, that’s when I read the sign which clearly stated the cemetery was closed to the public on Saturday.



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36 responses to “Two stories, only one has a happy ending.

  1. Eek, reminds me of one night when we boarded our usual vaporetto in Venice and it changed its number and headed out to Murano. We asked for help and, after some telefonino exchanges, they deviated to San Michele and dropped us. We stood there in the growing dark and wondered if we would be sleeping there, but not long after this another vaporetto buzzed in and picked us up. Imagine an English bus driver going to this trouble?

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  2. I didn’t think you could illegally park in Italy? Last time I drove a car there in 2013 I am certain there were no rules!


  3. Oh dear so glad you didn’t need to spend the night!


  4. Could have been a long and lonely night.


  5. Love the selfie haha!


  6. Yes, cemeteries are wonderful for the spirit. It does make for reflection on life and how to make the best of it. I think being in Florence is a good way of ‘making the best’. The car owner will think twice before parking again, unless someone stole his car. Nice to see the sun.

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    • Now I have to find another cemetery to conquer, Gerard. There’s a wonderful one up at San Miniato, for example, with no gates to be locked.

      The area where I saw the car being towed (by the police), often sports cars with clamps and bouquets of parking tickets. Why this one was towed away, not clamped, shall remain a mystery.


  7. Loved that story and glad you didn’t have to spend the night there. Thank heavens for consciencious nuns! Also enjoyed Michelle’s adventures. This is “third time lucky,” to see if I can log into WordPress …Had written a bit more but have had enough for now … 🙂

    Wish you a good night’s sleep, dear Yvonne


  8. So glad you managed to escape spending a night there … also enjoyed Michelle’s escapade.

    A friend of mine told me a lovely story how another mutual friend went to tend the grave of a relative and when it was time to leave they faced a locked, very high gate. She set about scaling the fence, tore her skirt and one of her shoes fell back inside. Her dear partner had to go back to retrieve said shoe. In the meantime, they now have a button to press and a small side entrance opens. No more excitement, here! Liz

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  9. I love cemeteries too. Very beautiful and peaceful.

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  10. Thanks for the laugh this morning Y! I recall you had once written that an open door, (in this case, an open gate), is as good as an engraved invitation to you!

    I like Michelle’s story too.

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  11. Do you think it was the nun’s car? She may need a little help of her own.

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  12. Jane

    Thank goodness for nice nuns!

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    • At that stage, thank goodness for any nuns, even grumpy ones! Or, come to think of it, she probably saw me come in and thought “Idiot tourist, let’s give her a wee wake up call.”


  13. When I was in college a friend and I were doing a little “photo safari” in downtown Pasadena, CA and got ourselves locked into the courtyard of the Pasadena Playhouse. We did have to climb down a very tall ladder (thank you to the florists next door that a passerby got for us). That was the age before cell phones but at least there was a sidewalk with people walking by and we could get to the top of the wall on a walkway(just way too far to jump down). We were more afraid of being arrested for trespassing than anything.
    Unluckily for us….not a nun in sight.
    The angels were watching out for you!


  14. Hahaha, I love your selfie and the happy ending.


  15. Probably the blue car was stolen to order and don’t die on Saturday then my friend 🙄 ❤

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  16. Why do I think retrieving that impounded car is not going to be a simple matter?
    When panic adrenalin rushes in, it’s good to have the miraculous apparition of a nun, to set things right.


    • Yes, I preferred my sticky situation, Cynthia.

      I stay quite calm most times, but I sure did wonder how I’d get out of that mess. The fence is really high, there’s a wide traffic free avenue all around the cemetery, I didn’t know how I’d attract attention for help.


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