The last Pitti family crest

Some sharp real estate agent back in 1549 rubbed his hands with glee as he pocketed his fee from the sale of the Pitti Palace to the wife of Duke Cosimo  1.


The Pitti family took what was left after the agent’s cut, conveyance costs, etc., and sloped off  into the gloom of history.

Now, the observant can see the one and only remaining example of the Pitti family crest, overlooking their former modest bungalow. I shan’t tell you where it is, just keep your eyes peeled as you walk from Tourist Central towards the Palace. Yes, you do have to look up, inconvenient as that may be.


Look for this building, light, and traffic sign.

It’s quite an attractive crest, I think.



It’s about time for another wine window, heaven knows I have enough of them.






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30 responses to “The last Pitti family crest

  1. At least their name lives on in grand style.

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  2. When are you coming to the north of Italy? I have a couple of nice bottles of wine 😉


  3. I must read up on this! Thanks for such beautiful photos and for sharing your trip with us.☕️

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  4. Mind you don’t crick your neck Yvonne ! 😉 ❤

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  5. I remember the Pitti Palace but I don’t recall a “For Sale” sign. A imposing building that tended to overdose on religious and family paintings if I recall correctly. The gardens were rather good too. I wander around Winchester looking up. Full of discoveries, the upper decks.

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  6. Jane

    Oh you found it! I have seen this on line but never on the building it self. It is one of my favorites too! Thanks…..

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  7. A lovely crest….sad, after all that work to outdo the Medici family….an ironic denouement…pity.

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  8. I can’t believe I actually remember that corner from my visit there ….in 2004!

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  9. I have been there and it was a nice experience.
    Io ci sono stata ed è stata una bella esperienza.

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  10. It is so important to look up when visiting! That is where the interesting things are!

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  11. It’s a lovely crest. I must say you find the most amazing things “looking up.”

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