Kids were well catered for in Florence!

Some of the Florentine palazzi had a special little feature to make the lives of the little boys and girls just a tad more interesting. Below some of the regular windows, small windows (finestrelle) were installed. They were protected by wire mesh, so the youngsters could safely sit there and observe the street life below them.

The two examples I have found so far have been completely closed in. I guess the little ones watch TV or play with an iPad these days.






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22 responses to “Kids were well catered for in Florence!

  1. Another charming discovery. Thanks.

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  2. Opens up the mind to many imaginations.

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  3. Jane

    I have been trying all day to decide if you are pulling our collective legs along with all those kids or this detail is for real . How did you figure out this was the use of these little windows? Certainly a shame they are filled in!

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    • Me, pull your leg, Jane?? Well, hardly ever. I read about them somewhere during my research, and was happy to find these 2 which were specifically mentioned.

      Did you realise that the side of Santa Maria Novella is FULL of family crests? I may have to take photos and add them to the wine windows as a post ending each day!


      • Jane

        Oh boy! I wasn’t going to mention them right away……those avelli are wonderful! On my last visit I worked my way around! But to save time…..I shot the end of one with the beginning of the next to get two in each frame. Getting home and doing more research,I realized the middle cross on each was different also. I hope you will include some full panels……are you rolling your eyes yet! Also there is a third tiny crest at the top of each arch.

        Have you started noticing crests in stain glass,in iron work,…..the rabbit hole is very fun and very big!

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  4. very interesting as always! I hope the kids also had time to play outside and not just sit there all day long 🙂

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  5. I would never have know what that was.

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  6. What a fantastic idea.

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  7. I imagine without the mesh, the ironwork was open enough to throw things down on the passersby…..or get rid of baby brother by defenestration 🙂

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  8. Maybe that’s where they went potty Yvonne :/

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  9. The two top pics in my part of the world would just be called “plantation shutters.
    I think some kind of heavy mesh for keeping them from falling out is a good idea. Unfortunately here the “screens” we have on windows are not strong enough to do the trick and there are unfortunate accidents in the summer. Really….children do not bounce!
    I’m thinking (at least in Venice) the children who live on the upper floors must be taught not to lean out the windows.


    • It’s the small structures below the main window that are the finestrelle, Michelle.


      • I did get that part….but don’t you think they would use that opening as a step up to the “real” window” being the curious creatures we humans are? And those openings look larger in the picture than they probably are. I just think that it might make a mom slightly nervous. I’d probably be lining those with something substantial to keep anyone from falling through the cracks (family pet, as already suggested baby brother…)


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