The church with its ass in the Arno *

We will start this treasure hunt by coming back across the Ponte Vecchio from Tourist Central, to the civilized side of the river.

Once you’ve shoved your way past all those pesky tourists and fellows selling selfie-sticks, chuck a right-hand turn onto Borgo San Jacopo. Stay on here until you realise you must have passed the star attraction of the day. (It’s very self-effacing.)

This is what you’re looking for:


It’s the front view of the Greek Orthodox church San Jacopo Apostoli.


Now, dear readers, you have to trudge back across the river. (I never said this would be easy, did I?) You may go back to the ultra crowded Ponte Vecchio, or keep on along the Borgo to the next bridge, Ponte Trinita.

Either from this latter bridge, or a little distance along the crowded sidewalk that follows the river (Lungarno Acciaoli), look for this piece of architecture. It’s the back end of the church, hanging over the river.



* I can take absolutely no credit nor blame for the title of today’s post. The honour goes to Jeff Cotton, whose wonderful website Churches of Florence is chock full of facts and fun.

This is how he ends his description of our featured church:

“Because of it’s flying buttresses hanging over the river this church is popularly known as the church with its ass in the Arno.”

Because you’ve been good sports and didn’t whinge too much about walking a bit, here’s a little taste of Clet’s work.




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25 responses to “The church with its ass in the Arno *

  1. How nice. I enjoyed every photo, but made me smile. 🙂

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  2. Loved this. Can you get inside?


  3. I love a church with a sense of humour.

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  4. So much in life still to see. Now I’m Waiting for Arno.

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  5. Great post. Now I need to take off the hiking shoes and soak my feet.

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  6. Luckily for you, Yvonne the weather forecast shows that you will not be required to skate across the Arno any time soon!

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  7. Jane

    Don’t you live just about across from this little church? I love both it’s front and back….but have never passed by when it was open. Sooooo miss Florence….glad you are there!


  8. Really lovely. You mentioned ‘selfie sticks’….please tell me you don’t have one. Those things look like Medieval torture instruments. To me anyway. Really enjoying your pictures Yvonne. 😉


  9. I recognised it. I immediately checked my photo album from 2006 and there it was. Thanks for the memory nudge. Is the Arno always that curious shade of green?

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  10. Yvonne…fun post! I noticed that your apartment is close to Ponte Vecchio..,nice!


    • When I read Jeff’s description, I just knew I had to do something with it!

      I’m about 2 minutes from the Ponte Vecchio which is already throbbing with tourists at this time of year.


  11. What an interesting sign. A figure skater??


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