You’re so two faced!

Coming off the Ponte Vecchio, heading towards tourist central, you’ll see these back to back clock faces on the right-hand side of Via Por S. Maria.

I’ve looked at them a few times, they always show the same time. I’ve deduced that they aren’t really coping with their assigned task. (And, yes, we all know they’re right twice a day, but still.)

So, side one:


And side two:


Perhaps this more ancient form of time keeping, to be found on the Ponte Vecchio, is more reliable. Well, at least when it’s day time and sunny.




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14 responses to “You’re so two faced!

  1. Are they Roman? They look very old 😁

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  2. Is there any significance to the frozen time on the clocks, do you know?


  3. Love to sightsee vicariously with you as my guide. 😉

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  4. Jane

    Love the sundial on the Ponte Vecchio! Wish I could make out the crest underneath….crossed keys perhaps.


  5. I just love the ancient satellite dish in the bottom photo Yvonne. Maybe they watched programmes such as the Flintstones ! 😉 ❤

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