A tornado went through here

The other night, a powerful tornado ripped through parts of central Italy.  One young lad was killed by a falling pediment and two women are in intensive care after a tree fell on their car.

In Florence, there was evidence of the strong winds, with parked motorcycles blown over, debris of all sorts in the streets, trees and shrubs blown down, newspaper and souvenir kiosks damaged, and so on. Piazzale Michelangelo was closed because of fallen trees, or those that  were threatening to fall.

Yesterday, I walked along Viale Petrarca which skirts a large private garden (Giardino Torrigiani). This garden has many large pine trees and this is what happened when one of them toppled over the walls of the garden onto a parked car. Thank goodness it was at night and no one was in the car. Imagine how you’d feel when you got to your car that morning! I hope they were well insured.







That’s a lot of pine tree to land on a car.




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35 responses to “A tornado went through here

  1. lynda

    Oh Yvonne, I am glad were weren’t in the “wrong” place at the time….must have been frightening just to see how close you were?


  2. That is quite scary. Excellent media type images.


  3. Poor Italy. Extreme weather… climate change?


  4. So you miss the cyclones in NQ and get them in Italy. Is there something we’re missing here?


  5. Never think of tornadoes in conjunction with Italy.


  6. The weather is doing strange things all over the world it seems.
    I really think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.
    We’ve had a couple small tornadoes here in the Pacific Northwest and a couple of weeks ago there was one in southern California….totally unheard of in these areas.
    I hope MN gets her message through soon.


  7. Earthquakes…tornadoes….time for a spritz!
    Are spritzes available in Florence or are they local to Venice?


  8. I had no idea tornadoes happened in Italy. Glad you are all right.


  9. Yikes! Glad you are safe and sound Y.


  10. How scary!! Glad you stayed safe.


  11. Tornado in central Italy? What a strange event during early spring.


  12. How sad to hear that people have been killed and injured simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope the weather improves soon.


  13. Uh not funny to wake up to. Here in Spain there were also much damages from this weather. Water enough for several cities and many needed to be evacuated here.


  14. That’s for sure, Debra.


  15. It seems the damage was quite widespread.


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