A certain smile

In a tiny street (Via Sguazza) in the Oltrano, quite high up on a wall, you will spot this tribute to Mona Lisa. It is purported that she was born in a dwelling that existed on this spot. There, I’ve saved you a trip to Paris and having to be squashed by crowds wanting to see the tiny painting.


Bear with me, sooner or later I’ll run out of wine windows. However, a couple of you had suggested uses for these apertures, nowadays. I found this one which has been adapted to frame the doorbells of the folks who live here.


And, this one which was used to post a “Lost yellow bird” notice. I hope it has been found.


Poor Florence. Since I’ve arrived we’ve had heavy rain, a nocturnal earthquake and a strong cold wind that reminds me of the bora from Trieste. What next? Surely not a tsunami?




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44 responses to “A certain smile

  1. My mother was from Trieste so we used to go there for the summers when I was young so I missed the bora but I heard a lot about it.


  2. We have certainly had some strange weather here. I hope things get better from now on. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so there is hope.

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  3. These doorways are so charming. I know I have seen them, and just thought, hmm, and passed on, they are there tantalisingly in my memory.


  4. Caroline

    I love the wine window with doorbells – very clever and also beautiful! I wish we had one. (Btw in 9 days’ time we’ll have officially been tenants in this flat for a year – and we are still waiting for the nameplates to be changed!! And we clocked up 3 years in Venice on Wednesday.)

    No rain here for weeks, but we have also had a cold wind the last couple of days.

    Re Paris, shouldn’t that be “crowds wanting to photograph the tiny painting”? Or more likely now “crowds wanting to take a selfie with the tiny painting in the background”?

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    • Well, Happy Anniversaries to the Jones mob!

      I can’t believe the number of people running around with those selfie sticks, they’re a hazard in some cases.

      Well, I’ve just looked through the 19 bottles of different cleaning products (I am not kidding you), and there’s nothing to de-stink the shower drain. I pulled out about one cat’s worth of hair and gunk (there were disposable gloves, thankfully), so it’ll run better. But, one needs a gas mask! Cheers!


      • Caroline

        Oh dear, sorry to hear about the plumbing issue! Hopefully you can get the agent/owner to send someone to look at it?

        The selfie sticks are ridiculous, aren’t they? And we were just wondering last night what it says about the world now, that the majority of people visiting one of the world’s most beautiful cities seem to take photos exclusively of themselves. Although I think the selfie stick users are still outnumbered by their vendors – I counted 13 on the Scalzi bridge last Saturday morning!!


        • 13 is a lucky number! Then you see folks walking along, not looking at the wonders around them, but checking the photos they have taken. The digital age has a lot to answer for!

          I think the plumbing issue is ameliorated. We’ll see after the next shower.


      • For the shower drain (this is actually for slow running drains but might help) try putting in 1/2 cup baking soda followed by one cup white vinegar (other kinds would probably work but don’t waste a good balsamico)….let that bubble and work for about an hour then flush with warm water.
        Hope that helps….and it’s so much better than chemicals.


        • Yes, I use that at home a lot, Michelle. It works a treat!


        • After having “Draino” almost blind me years ago I never use chemicals in drains anymore. And yes….the baking soda and vinegar do work a treat and so much less expensive than the chemical products….and should be available at the local supermercato.


  5. Console yourself that here in sunny Australia it was 9c this morning ( southern Highlands) and in Venice it was 10c, so…Climate change?
    Poor little yellow pappagallino. Hope its owner turned up.

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    • If it looks like the drawing, it’ll be easy to recognise! 🙂

      Meanwhile back up in Dismal Swamp, it remains flippin’ hot. I’ll take this temperature, thanks.


  6. I have never seen The Moaning Lizzy but I am reasonably sure I could have done the copy out of plaster of Paris. I think I would describe the style as naive!

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  7. Y, you need to schedule your next visit for December and January (she says selfishly). Glad to see you brought your red coat with you!


  8. You normally carry sunshine with you, not rain. Must be a glitch in your personality control.


    • Well, in my experience, where I go rain follows! My last visit to Venice was very damp, to say the least.

      My landlord was just here to educate me on how to control the TV. He said there had been severe damage in parts of Tuscany from the tornado strength winds. Maybe I should just quietly pack and go back to DS?


  9. Great word- Sguazza! Does it mean anything? Glad you’re having a good time.


  10. Watch out for the meteorites Yvonne. Duck ! Oh, and ducks ! 😉 xox ❤

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    • I see this is going to be an exciting, adventurous stay in Florence.

      Oh, speaking of ducks. I saw such a nice thing today. I was walking (briskly) along the River Arno. A handsome drake was sitting atop the barrier that stops folks from falling into the river, looking intently down at the river. He kept trying to get up the nerve to launch himself down there, retreating, then repeating the process. Finally (and it was like he put a wing over his eyes to hide how far he had to dive), down he went. I think he was checking out some cute little lady duck down on the river.

      I lead a full life! 🙂 oxo ❤

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      • It’s those little things that make your day special. He may have eyed some delectable morsel to eat. You know how often guys think with their stomachs. It’s always either food or sex.


  11. joanneh

    Great photos as usual thanks

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  12. I do love that “selfie” in the red coat.
    According to my weather app you are scheduled for sun for at least the next five days with temps in the 50’s (Fahrenheit). It does not mention the wind.
    And I agree that the wine windows would make great cat doors….except for mine which is possibly too wide to fit through….he’s a very big boy.


  13. Ah great! Someone shares my idea. 🙂

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  14. Stay warm and dry and I am doing a dance to the anti-tsunami gods on your behalf.

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  15. Stay safe! Thank you for sharing your travels. I love your photographs!

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  16. Jane

    Hope you are well past possible snow….which we have yet again this morning in CT!


  17. Great Mona story!
    I love your red reflection…proof that indeed it is you in Florence!
    Loving those wine doors.
    So sorry about the inclement weather.
    This year the December weather was lovely. I guess it really is the luck of the draw.

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  18. Nice pics. Sorry about the weather


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