From the city of Renaissance art, I bring you this first offering

Now, wasn't that worth waiting for?

Now, wasn’t that worth waiting for?



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51 responses to “From the city of Renaissance art, I bring you this first offering

  1. Heehee ! I suppose a little birdie showed you that Yvonne. Have a lovely time in Venice ! xox ❤


  2. Lovely shot Yvonne… I hope you have a great trip!. Aquileana 😀

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  3. Caroline

    You are already in the country – benvenuta! And not far from the gelateria where Philip had the grey ice cream on our daytrip last August (black sesame flavour, quite nice).

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  4. I looked. Then I looked again and then I saw it and a nactual smile spread over my dial like sun coming out from behind a cloud.

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  5. I’m so curious to know where you found it. Can’t wait to see more 🙂


  6. Great shot – glad you are there safe and sound! (just watch for those pesky fans of yours!).
    Looking forward to many more pictures and stories.
    Enjoy it all!

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  7. Sob,sob.Wished we were there. How was the trip?

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  8. It is raining here in Bagni di Lucca, so I imagine it is in Florence too.

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  9. Just over the Ponte Vecchio there is a small cafe where we went for breakfast most mornings. Florence is such a lovely place.


  10. That looks like sunshine. The wall is dry so it isn’t raining. Nice.

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  11. Fantastic first offering I’d say. 🙂


  12. Janet Graham

    Glad you arrived safe and sound, enjoy,

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  13. joanneh

    Sunshine on a dark and cloudy day – you always manage to get the perfect photos. You will find more than enough in Florence

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  14. RMW

    Kids these days are born knowing how to use computers… bird kids too I guess!

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  15. Baby birds say “this mouse is a little crunchier than usual”.
    At least the long flights didn’t hurt your sense of humor.


  16. Jane

    Ha! So where are you staying?


  17. Rick Gafuik

    I love the first offering – great shot. Rick


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