Soon, I’ll be treading the precarious pedestrian pathways of this busy city.

3rd card 2014 421

Soon, I’ll be trying to find more examples of the works of this particular street artist.

3rd card 2014 473

And, I’ll be wishing I could give rejects like this a new home.

3rd card 2014 546

I’ll be visiting this city’s own Piazza San Marco, complete with a Venetian lion.

3rd card 2014 632

And, soon I’ll be seeing this dear little girl, who will now be a year older.

3rd card 2014 558



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51 responses to “Soon!

  1. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures!


  2. Can’t wait for your reports.


  3. it is going to fly! I wish it feels longer for you though. Love the beautiful Florence! sighhhhh

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  4. Rob C

    Happy Trails Yvonne,looking forward to sharing your adventures!


  5. Congratulations on your upcoming visit. Such a precious little one. Is she your granddaughter? Enjoy a beautiful and safe trip.☕️


  6. You lucky girl. I could fit in a suitcase if I folded over twice. But I can’t. So have a great time.


  7. Yvonne, safe travels. I too am so excited, you’d think I was packing my suitcase! Wish Dan and I were going to be there so we could share a glass, but we will look forward to your posts! Salute! Bridget
    And that little Olivia is just adorable!

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    • Bridget, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for stalkers as I wander around in Florence!

      Yes, Olivia is so darn cute. It’s nice to think I’ll get to see how changed she is (and also 2 little baby boys in Venice who are just a month older than Olivia).

      I’ll let you know how the spritz in Florence rates, in comparison to the Venetian ones. 🙂

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  8. That will be so much fun for you, Yvonne. And the weather will be great.


  9. Wishing you a wonderful trip and very much looking forward to updates.

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  10. I can hardly wait and I’m not even going!
    I know you will have a simply marvelous time and I’m looking forward to Firenze and Venezia through your eyes.
    One of my classmates is headed to Firenze for two weeks in August and I’ll be sure to share your blog from there with him.

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  11. Remember to watch out (both ways) for cars and mopeds…you’re not going to be in Venice there!

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  12. joanneh

    Lucky you I on the other hand am off to gangland Tlazazalca, Mexico


  13. Jane

    So jealous! Do you ever go to Prato?


    • No, I haven’t been there, Jane. I just had a look online, and Prato sounds very worth a visit.

      And, there’s an Australian connection: “The Monash University Prato Centre is the European base for Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). A study abroad destination for Monash students.”


  14. All together now – AWWW 🙂 Have a great time!

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  15. Tanja Kovac

    who is the baby?


  16. Yes yes yes yes…..our ambassador will return to our beloved Italia!!!!!

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