Yes, it’s donkeys, again!

But, only so I can introduce a sketch created by Andante. She was inspired by Michelle’s remark about donkeys on the bridges of Venice having to wear slippers to muffle their noise.

First, the Herberton donkeys enjoying some shade after a busy day of standing around being admired.

Herberton May 2014 217

And, here is the very quiet little donkey, traversing a bridge in Venice.

Donkey Scan

Thank you, Andante

This photo has nothing to do with donkeys, or slippers or Venice or Andante. It’s specially for suchled and his Grandpa.

Herberton May 2014 006



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27 responses to “Yes, it’s donkeys, again!

  1. Oh, I do love that donkey drawing. And you found a Mountie uniform in Far North Qld? How…odd.


  2. Maybe the Canadian Mountie uniform is related to donkeys. Perhaps when one is a rookie Mountie they have to ride donkeys until they move up in rank.

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  3. Adorable drawing !! And cute donkeys, dear Yvonne. They are such sweet animals.

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  4. Well now that is a surprise to see the Mountie’s uniform!

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  5. Pigeons coo outside our bedroom window in the mornings. I chase them away by shaking a walking stick through the window. Cheryl says I’m like Aunt Betsey Trotwood in David Copperfield chasing away the donkeys on her land. Consequently we call pigeons donkeys. That’s reasonable isn’t it?


  6. I love that sweet donkey drawing.

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  7. That uniform is a bit big for the guy in the RCMP uniform ! Maybe the donkey crept up to him quietly in its slippers and sat on him. xox ❤


  8. Oh, I do love that donkey in stripped pajamas and slippers! Poor thing though with even having the bray muffled.
    Do you think that Venetians would be any better about cleaning up after their donkeys than they are about cleaning up after their dogs? Just a thought.


    • Maybe I can use that donkey to carry my suitcase from the train station, if the proposed fines for noisy wheels comes into effect?


      • I guess you don’t want to get involved in the “wheel ban” debate.
        Will they have porters at points of entry to hire to carry your bags? I know I can’t pick mine up and carry it (when I stay for a month in winter)…I can barely heave it off the carousel or onto the scale for it to be checked. But then I don’t have good upper body strength.


      • Caroline

        That was a myth which started on the internet – the proposed ban on hard wheels only applied to the big trolleys used for commercial goods. And Michelle, there are already porters in a few spots, notably by Piazzale Roma and the railway station.

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        • That rumour surely got people’s knickers in a knot, Caroline. I hope you folks are keeping well. 🙂


        • I do know there are porters in those areas….I was thinking maybe they are looking to employ more of them.
          But like anything else they are hardly around when you really need them….like when the walkway at the dock at the airport was covered with ice one frosty December morning in 2012. I saw them sitting in their van and waved but they ignored me…..actually it was so cold I can’t say I blamed them ….much.


  9. May I borrow the picture?


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