There, try and take this

One day, on the vaporetto between Giudecca and the Zattere, a tense confrontation took place. A man got onto the vaporetto at  Sacca Fisola , wheeling a bright yellow hand trolley. Suddenly, another man sitting not far from me sprang to his feet and began arguing with the first man. The gist of the argument was the ownership of the trolley. Man Number Two accused Man Number One of stealing his trolley, pointing to some areas where the paint had chipped off as proof it was his. This seemed rather weak evidence to me, but the battle raged on, until we got to the next stop and both of the men (and the trolley) got off the vaporetto and continued their argument on the fondamenta.

I don’t know who emerged triumphant in this little drama, but I was reminded of it when I saw this hand trolley secured to the iron-work of a bridge.  No-one was going to casually walk off with this trolley, nor with the packing tape, come to think of it.

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40 responses to “There, try and take this

  1. Well ! Somebody’s off their trolley ! I wonder who ? 😉 Ralph xox ❤

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  2. I love the way that in Venice, everything is just a little different. If you were feeling really mean you could snip off the cardboard box…


  3. This person takes his trolley very seriously indeed.


  4. Liz

    What a hilarious story, and I like way the owner of the last one has secured it. Have a lovely week!


  5. This is the stuff operas are made of…now all we need to throw in was that the trolley was given to him by his true love. And that she stole it to be with him….because he needed it to make money so they could be together. But of course she was caught, by her jealous ex and now she is in jail….and they are apart…
    (sorry, it’s monday night – a long day!)

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    • Well, if your imagination is this fertile when you’re sleepy, I can’t begin to think what will pour forth when you’ve had some sleep.

      Cecilia Bartoli would be great as the heroine, she puts such emotion into her roles.

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  6. steven

    For obvious reasons, Yvonne, I will not relay this story to Sandro, lest he fear there’s a trolley thief on the loose and fear for the safety of his own. Though, actually, when we next see you, it would be the kind of story he’d be fascinated to hear–and would no doubt ask you to repeat it.


    • Hah! Not The Bicycle Thieves, but The Trolley Thief. Sandro could star in this new production, if he’s available.

      In the meantime, please buy a lock for it, and advise Sandro to scratch his name in it, as mentioned by Giannetta.


  7. Funny, but not unlike locking up your bike.


  8. Darn it Y, now I will always wonder who came out victorious in the Battle of the Trolley!

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  9. I’d scratch my name on it 🙂

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  10. I always worry about someone stealing my tape. 🙂

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  11. Wasn’t there a Shakespeare play about Trolley-bus and Cressida? Or was that – different sort of trolley. Anyway, this seems like a real drama. A tragicomedy perhaps?

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  12. Seriously. He or she is positively asking for anything not attached to the lock to be nicked.

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  13. Is there an Aldi in Venice?

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  14. that’s hilarious! 🙂

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  15. But if someone wanted the box he could just undo the packing tape.

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  16. I noticed he had put a twirl on the tape so that he would find the beginning of the tape easily next time. Obviously an experienced packer.

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