Blue working boat at rest





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27 responses to “Blue working boat at rest

  1. I always feel that I’m right there with you -that’s an amazing talent you have 🙂

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  2. Interesting scenes from Venezia. There are nice reflections of the boat in the first photo. Beautiful.


  3. Lovely photo Yvonne. xox ❤


  4. Bert

    “I’ll keep my eyes open” — perhaps that’s where Katharine Hepburn went wrong 🙂 She was not actually blinded (even temporarily), but she did suffer from a chronic eye infection that made her eyes water thereafter (allegedly). There are at least two slightly different versions of the story (it’s Venice, how could it be else?), one of which can be found here:|0/Summertime.html Another version can be found in David Lean’s biography, where it is stated that Hepburn used to regularly swim in the Grand Canal, saying, in other words, that it may not have been just the fall into the canal for the film that caused the eye infection.

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  5. What type of work does this boat do Yvonne? It’s so cute just resting there in the canal.


  6. What a gorgeous reflection. Nicely captured!


  7. I love the photo, but a question; does anyone ever swim in the canals?


  8. Love the reflection 🙂


  9. Looks like it could use a haulout.


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