Looking up in the Street of the Stonecutter


Street sign (nizioletto) indicating Calle del Tagiapiera (Street of the Stonecutter)

On the walls, some beautiful bas reliefs:






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23 responses to “Looking up in the Street of the Stonecutter

  1. I love those reliefs; they are true art.

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  2. A 16th century angle-poise light? Or is it just a damp patch?

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  3. PS, if it’s the shadow of an instrument it’s more likely to be a viola or cello. Just saying… πŸ™‚


  4. These are all symbolic religious carvings, aren’t they, and if any aren’t original they’re likely to be close copies. Apart from St Mark’s winged lion I like the peacocks (pride), but can’t quite work out what’s facing the eagle — some kind of chimaera, with a horse’s head and lion’s body? As always, thanks for sharing these little gems!


    • I know a Venice fanatic who will be happily endeavouring to find out more about these reliefs. I hope he finds lots of information to share with us. (Yes, I mean you, Bert.)


  5. It really pays to look up and down. How old are these beautiful carvings?


  6. It is nice to take time to find this sort of detail. We get home sometimes and compare pictures and Kim has some and I realise that I was in too big a rush to spot them!


  7. You rock Yvonne πŸ˜€ ❀


  8. The shadow on the last photo is either a guitar or a lamp-post!


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