It’s a conspiracy!

In rapid fire succession 2 bloggers whom I follow decided to nominate me for the Real Neat Blog Award. That would be fine, if all you had to do was say “Gosh, thanks, that’s nice of you”. But, darned if it doesn’t involve some work. This is not how I had expected to use my time on this muggy Sunday.

So, thanks heaps to Mrs Bingles who writes a most interesting blog about the joys of raising a young family, and having to do this while moving around the globe, in movingaroundmum and also Anna, who hails from New Zealand, is presently overseas but will soon be returning to this hemisphere with her Italian fiancé in tow. She writes of her experiences on kiwigirlattemptingitalian

There are rules to be followed!

1. Put the Award Logo in your post


2. Answer 7 questions by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you by linking to their blog

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs

5. Let them know you nominated them.

Here are the questions I have to answer. Shall I be honest or creative?

1. What inspires you to create/write your blog?

It varies from day to day. Sometimes a situation arises that just begs to be shared. Other times, it’s a photo (or several of them) that seems to offer an opportunity to relate a story.

2. Are you a realist or a dreamer?

Firmly a realist.

3. Which country would you move to straight away if given the opportunity to live anywhere in the world?

Now, that should be an easy question to answer, and I should have my bags packed and be travelling to Italy. But, that’s when realistic me takes over and reminds me of how difficult it can be to live in that country. So many of the people I know there are doing it the hard way. But, OK, my forwarding address will have Italia in it.

4. What do you think is the greatest hurdle of blogging?

For me, procrastination coupled with lack of inspiration. Coupled with the overwhelming desire to pat my cat.

5. Who would you love to be for a day and why?

This was another question that made me stop and think. I finally settled on the Director of the Civic Museums in Venice, because then I could freely get into all the little storage areas and see the bits and pieces of history that are secreted there.

6. What is your favourite past time activity?

You  mean aside from hang-gliding, skateboarding, rock climbing and patting the cat? It would be reading, once it’s too dark to do the other stuff, and the cat has said “Enough already”, coupled with a playful scratch.

7. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

I’d like to meet my mom, who died when I was too young to appreciate her. Aside from saying thanks to her, I’ve got so many questions about her history that I’d like to ask.

My nominees are the authors of following blogs. If they should choose to play along, I’ll snitch Anna’s questions for them to answer.

Expat Eye on Germany  read

Help! I Live With My Italian Mother In Law!   read

Nosy Parker Blog read

Weggieboy’s blog  read




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22 responses to “It’s a conspiracy!

  1. Hi Yvonne, I didn’t even know you nominated me until I read this post! 🙂
    I really suck at these things…I am super lazy about doing all that stuff you just did, lol. But thank you…
    I was actually trolling your blog because I wanted to contact you to get your mailing address. I have something that I want to send to you. Can you pm it to me at
    Thx, peace put, Leah


  2. love your answers, especially n°5 and 7

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  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! Great answers – and I know all about procrastination! 🙂

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  4. I have mixed feelings about these awards, and my blog for today deals with your nomination several blogs including weggieboy’s blog (my cat blog) for an award.

    I invite people to comment on the subject of blog awards. Though I don’t do awards, I do like to view the blogs nominated, many of which I then follow.


    • I’d better hop over and see what you have to say. I’ve found some excellent blogs via this method, and also by keeping an eye on the “Likes” and “Comments” on other blogs, to see what those people have to offer. That’s probably how I tumbled down into weggieboy-land!


  5. Italy!? What a surprise. I’d like to have a chance to talk to Dad.

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  6. #4….I am often forced to pat my cat as he insinuates himself between my fingers and the keyboard….and when a 15 lb cat does that you have to pay attention.
    Great answers my dear.
    And this dreamer will put up with the hardships (shall we say differences) of living in Italy.


  7. Whew ! You didn’t nominate me Yvonne ! *patting my cats* xox ❤

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  8. backtowhatever

    Congrats! 🙂


  9. Congratulations! 😊


  10. To number 6 I would answer “banning WP awards”. That would give me huge pleasure. Can I join you on number 5?

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  11. If I could somehow bribe that museum Director to let me tag along with him, I’d be one happy person. They have some tantalising treasures stored away.


  12. one of the things I love about these award posts is the personal side we get to see of a blogger. I already knew the bit about Italy – but the other was informative and your humor is fun (pat the cat) – and the job in vencie sounds like a soul feeding position — ahhh

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