Street scenes

I’ve been involved in the arduous task of culling and tagging photos. It’s fun to see what turns up, things I’d completely forgotten about.

While the blokes sort out the luggage, the gals get busy with photo-taking. Fair enough.


This lady in red attracts our attention, while a couple of gentlemen use a handy well head to lean upon. They’ll soon notice her, I do believe.


A sunny winter afternoon  finds people sitting in the sun at canal side tables in Cannaregio, enjoying an aperitif and some people watching.


Something has attracted the attention of this fine looking pair.


This pair of nifty looking red shoes catch my attention, and then I notice that they belong to a friend who is on her way to work.




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36 responses to “Street scenes

  1. Scene di strada. Belle foto! Venezia è sempre incantevole! Ci sono ritornata la scorsa estate e ogni volta che la rivedo mi sorprende per il suo fascino. In Italia ci sono tantissime città d’arte, siamo strapieni di opere d’arte che forse non ne siamo neppure consapevoli. Se pensi che abbiamo più del cinquanta per cento del patrimonio artistico nel mondo, in un paese così piccolo e denso di popolazione. Purtroppo ci sono anche molte persone che non appezzano la bellezza e non se ne curano. Ti invio l’indirizzo del mio blog se vuoi darci una sbirciatina…


  2. What a wonderful tour of street scenes.

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  3. That’s the best thing about digital photographs. They don’t take up much room!

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  4. Oh those shoes and that coat! Love them. Good on you to sort through your photos. I scrapbook and am rather a few years behind now. But my daughter sorted through hers and had a zillion printed this Christmas. Shes in the process of decorating a wall of her college rental room. Both of you are inspiring me to get organized. Thank you!

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  5. What fabulous captures! So fun to see these glimpses of your world.


  6. My favourite is the tables at Cannaregio

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  7. Sorry for being myself but where is the front-on photo of the girl in the red coat?

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  8. Cant go wrong in Venice, can you. Even the ‘discards’ are good. I have itchy feet again.

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  9. I love RED shoes! But then I think you already know that.
    Grazie for my little dose of Venezia.

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  10. Love your photos! I need to cull thru my pics and organize; it’s just one of many tasks on my winters agenda.


  11. Bert

    The first three are easily found. I think the fourth was at the Rio de la Sensa, at the end of Calle Larga Lezze. The fifth could be anywhere. Nice shots, Yvonne.

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  12. Amazingly I noticed the lady in red. Almost missed her ! 😀 ❤


  13. I like the red shoes and am sure the drake is hoping to get his conjugals soon.


  14. Interesting what catches your eye in street photography. Nice!


  15. joanneh

    Your photos always brighten the day. Thanks for always posting such great shots


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