And now, something cheerful

It’s a pleasure to see reflections in calm waters of the canals of Venice.

When this is paired with a bright, smiling boat, it can send you on your way with a matching smile.




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42 responses to “And now, something cheerful

  1. Happy new year and best wishes to you and yours for health, happiness, peace & prosperity in 2015!


  2. sunsetdragon

    Very nice.


  3. Yvonne, that yellow boat made me smile today! Definitely belongs to a happy extrovert! Bridget

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  4. Andante

    When He-half built (yes!) a Sailing dinghy, years back, she-half persuaded him to paint it BRIGHT YELLOW …. to go with the bright yellow front door, and later the bright yellow soft-top 2-seater “sports car”! The dinghy was named “Custard pie R squared” (Just say it aloud, and think about it).
    Yellow is definitely a cheer-up colour, even here where there’s snow on the ground, and all seems cold and grey today.
    That picture of the yellow boat put a broad smile on both our faces … room for two more “Whiners” on it? Can’t wait for Easter, which will see us back in Venice again!

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    • Oh, I’m smiling about your cheeky dinghy! (Who thought of the name?)

      And, I’m happy to hear you’ll be back in Venice at Easter. I’ll be in Florence then, so at least we’ll be in the same country.


  5. What is it about a yellow smiley face that we just can’t resist?


  6. I love the smiley reflection on the water – smiles all round! 🙂

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  7. Someone told me once that you had to be brave to wear a yellow tie. I habitually wore blue or red. I went out and bought one. Nobody noticed. I didn’t feel brave. I am ambivalent about yellow. A boat maybe but a Ferrari? No way – I saw one once. Why spend all that money and squander it on a yellow one. A shocking waste. Perhaps if it had had a Smiley on it I might have forgiven the owner.


    • I thought they only made Ferrari in red(or maybe I’ve only ever seen red ones)…..but I guess if you are paying that much for a car you can have it in any color you like.
      I do agree that a yellow Ferrari would not float my boat. But a little yellow boat on the other hand.

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    • Yellow doesn’t seem quite right for a Ferrari, but I guess if you’ve got the money to buy one, you wouldn’t give a hoot what we think about your colour choice. (With or without Smiley.)

      Was that tie a solid yellow, or striped, or something else entirely?


  8. I never did got to Venice and you did got to so now I got a good idea.


    • Hello, suchled. It’s a fascinating city. Stay tuned, I’ll soon be back there, after a detour to stay in Florence. The history we can see and touch in Italy (and indeed, Europe in general) is a source of wonder to people like me, who have only lived in relatively young countries.

      What a world we occupy.

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      • Pam D

        Agree been back in Brisbane only 6 days after our stay in Venice arsanale then flying out from Rome. One our high lights was meeting Giovanni vio & his father at his art studio on lido. Spent an hour at his studio as shop no longer open . In Venice . Met previously 2013 .nothing compares to Italy & the generosity of time the people of Italy give


        • I’m so glad you had a good visit in Venice, Pam. And, I’m doubly glad you went to Giovanni’s studio, and met his father as well! Giovanni is such a gracious young man, I wish things were going better for them.

          Cheers from the Atherton Tablelands. 🙂


  9. How could one refrain from smiling when sighting this? Sweet!


  10. I heard a report that the color yellow can improve your sense of well being in something as simple as flowers in a vase or a yellow pillow on your sofa.
    A yellow boat should do even more!


  11. That’s quite a good likeness of the owner 😉 ❤

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  12. We can all do with good cheer.


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