An appreciative audience

Some days, I wish we could all be kids forever.

Have you ever been fortunate enough to watch young children, before they become constrained by the demands ofย  ‘proper behaviour’, enjoying street musicians/actors? They become so engrossed in what is being presented.

Here is an example of just such an occurrence, when a little girl spotted a puppeteer in Venice. It made me smile, like a child.





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34 responses to “An appreciative audience

  1. It’s a wonderful thing in children that they are not afraid to be themselves. Something to be learned there I think. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Yes, in the first picture you can see her hands are instinctively imitating the puppeteer’s. I love this concentration too.

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  3. it is as good capture – and in my reader I looked soley at the first shot first 0 and was able to just look at the girl – cute boots and then all the other shoes/feet in back – so it is a great street shot in and by itself – (shopping bag too) – however, seeing the second photo and your cool note about engrossed like a child – two thumbs up. I agree. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค
    (and I really do love the bootsโ€ฆ ha!


  4. Great capture. An amazing moment.

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  5. We temporarily lost our five-year-old in San Gimignano when he wandered off to listen to someone singing and playing a guitar under a tree. Spotting him, we watched as the musician stopped singing and listened to him speak. Then she stopped playing altogether to chat with him. One of my favourite moments on that trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Caroline

    I’ve come to conclusion that Italian children are generally sweeter than British ones ๐Ÿ™‚ (Except the ones I attempted to teach last year…)

    How splendid to see a proper puppet show! I’ve never seen that in Venice. This was during Carnevale, judging by the confetti?

    A proposito, le fritelle novelle sono arrivate! But we are trying to resist until we’ve finished all our Christmas goodies.


    • My advice to you is, ditch the Christmas stuff in the rubbish (it’s all past the use by date, for sure) and get stuck into the fritelle, woman and man. It’s your civic duty.

      Yes, that was during Carnevale, Caroline.

      I saw that wonderful group Ska-J a few times (when it wasn’t raining) and just loved the way the children responded to those rhythms.


      • Caroline

        I guess the (not-very-good) chocolate coins could go & I could pack the Befana’s boiled sweets off to work with Philip, but I aspire to finish our kg box of shortbread! (A present from the hotel we stayed in – and I’m proud to say it made it back in no more pieces than it started!)

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        • Well done with the shortbread. That freezes very well, so tuck it away and pay homage to the fritelle. You must pass Dal Mas twice a day ….


        • Caroline

          Hah, I very rarely go down Lista dei Spagni & have never been to Dal Mas! But it’s great to be reminded there’s a potentially good source of fritelle so nearby, thanks! I’d never thought of freezing shortbread – would have thought it would go soft – but I reckon we can knock it off by the weekend anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I can’t remember the last time I saw a proper puppeteer. I do remember having a couple as a child but the strings were always tangled. The child looks very puzzled. Do they have Punch & Judy in Venice or is it just a British seaside thing?


    • I think her dad was giving her instructions from the sidelines by that time.

      I don’t know what the themes of the puppet shows in Venice might be. This fellow was mimicking a musician, as I recall, with background music.

      I did see a pantomime in Venice, but it was an English ex-pat group that put it on for the confusion of the Italian audience (and me). I liked half-time at the pub!

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  8. Kids always respond to music and dogs. I noticed the JRT at the back too.


  9. I once saw a little boy quite overcome by some street musicians in Vienna. He was dancing in his own little world. He would stop, the the music would seize him again and he was away. It wa more fun than the music.

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  10. I am fortunate enough to have five children of my own, and having them travel with me opens so many doors. People are just more accepting and open to talk to you (for the most part). We have been invited to join more than one impromptu juggling or music street performance just because I had my kids with me.


  11. joanneh

    what a cutie

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  12. Enthralled. And I love when they get out there and participate with no inhibitions.

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