Salizada San Samuele, San Marco

In Venice, a salizada is a street that was paved when the others were still good old dirt or mud, depending on the climatic conditions of the day.

Salizada San Samuele is found close to two vaporetto stops: San Samuele and Sant Angelo.

When I walked down Crosera Calle Botteghe, where you’ll find excellent restaurants, bars, a patisserie/small grocery store and a good wine shop, among other things, I would notice this arch between two buildings, at the intersection of the two passageways.

Sal S Samuele 048

And, to the right of the arch, this stemma/coat of arms. It seems the insignia has been removed. I read that this sometimes happened when ownership of a property changed. The Vianello family probably wouldn’t want to live with the coat of arms of the Gasparini displayed on their home, for example!

Sal S Samuele 049



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20 responses to “Salizada San Samuele, San Marco

  1. Yvonne, I know that it’s a little late to REPLY to your January post, but thought I’d go ahead…do you suppose that those arches are for added stability between the buildings? Burano has some too…


  2. loved the images here – and learned a new word – salizada!! also – how interesting to see the coat of arms cleared – makes sense to do that… 🙂


  3. Very nice indeed – the arch doesn’t look very secure. I wouldn’t want to try walking across the top. If it were in HK it would have been redeveloped long ago 😦



    Yvonne  you  certainly  don”t  miss  much,


  5. Love that arch. We loved our time in Venice and I had no idea what salizada meant. Thanks!


  6. I never knew that about the meaning of salizada. Thanks.

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  7. It’s quintessential Venice, isn’t it, Cindy?


  8. Love that first shot particularly! Wonderful~

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