We have a winner in the Name that Cat contest. In fact, we have two winners

Minx and I burned the midnight oil to select just the right name for the colourful addition to the family.

22 people submitted a total of 29 names, and they were all worthy of the honour. Minx and I thank each and every one of you for your creative ideas. 

After many cat treats (Minx) and glasses of wine (me), we narrowed it down to two that we just couldn’t separate.

So, please meet Arlecchina-Serena, with thanks to Roberta and Lou. (Roberta, we took some liberties with your spelling, I hope that’s OK with you.)



Minx is exhausted from  her role in this big job, and has assumed relaxation pose number 25.


Thanks again, all you good sports.



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18 responses to “We have a winner in the Name that Cat contest. In fact, we have two winners

  1. Serenissima made me think of Serena! She’s very cute and will no doubt live a long and colourful life. 🙂


    • I wondered how you had arrived at Serena, Lou. I’ll try to ensure she has an interesting life.

      My son has the knack of choosing just the right presents for people, I envy that trait.


  2. Caroline

    Very pretty! And when she’s looking particularly sunny, you could call her Arlecchina-Serenissima.

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  3. Shattered not to be the winner but with a glass of wine I will get over myself. 🙂

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  4. Lovely name Yvonne ! So is the winning name of The Cat ! Tummy rub Minx (that’s your cat, not you 😉 ) xox ❤

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  5. I hope the bow-tie is a real tied one, not a pre-tied elastic bow. No self-respecting cat would stoop so low.

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  6. Will that picture of Minx be submitted for Tummy Rub Tuesday?
    And will Arlecchina-Serena be joining Licorice in the suitcase for the next trip?
    Okay, just being nosy.


  7. And what does Licorice think of the new addition to the family???

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