Name that cat contest

Yes, I have another cat, it was  impossible to resist.

It was a Christmas present from my son, and after he went to all that trouble to bring it from interstate, how could I refuse?

It’s very pretty and so nice and cuddly, it’ll be no bother, I’m sure.

I can’t think of a suitable name for it (we’re not sure of its sex right now).

So, can you give me some ideas, please? All names will be carefully considered, and the winner will have their name published right here on this blog!

Here’s what it looks like.


Even Minx doesn’t seem too worried about another cat usurping her position of dominance in the household.


Those of you who write blogs may recognise the emotions expressed by this fellow blogger …





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41 responses to “Name that cat contest

  1. Beau (or Bow) because that bow makes him beautiful

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  2. Cutie – the name, I mean.


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  3. My picks: Spumoni, China, Vanilla, Picasso, Rainbow, Star.

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  4. Very nice, my daughter would love one of those! Looks like a Leo to me!!
    Happy New Year to you!! 🙂

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  5. You might, as we did, look for inspiration in T. S. Eliot’s poem, The Naming of Cats. We decided on Jellico for our cat (photos on my blog).


  6. Sandra

    Hemingway. He was a colorful “cat”.

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  7. I just had another thought….how about calling him/her……Burano? After all he/she wouldn’t look out of place there.

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  8. Roberta

    here is mine suggestion Arlecchin Batocio orbo de na recia sordo de un ocio

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  9. Splat the Cat ? 😀 xox ❤

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  10. That’ a great cat – and won’t need a cat sitter when you travel. Bargain!


  11. You folks are coming up with brilliant suggestions, thank you. I haven’t made a decision yet …


  12. So with a love of all things Italian (well, at least Venetian) I suggest…
    il Pastello! (crayon in Italian). Sorry, don’t know that word in dialect.
    He is a cutie.

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  13. joanneh

    All great names how about smiley

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  14. Andante

    How about “Harlequin”?

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  15. Pat

    Romero or Britto after his creator?

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  16. Caroline

    Awww! No inspiration strikes, but I agree that s/he should be no bother and I’m sure will always raise a smile!

    Mimi came back from her hols in Campodarsego yesterday and is being more affectionate! Helped by her new Boots cardboard box which she really likes, and will sit in on our knees.

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  17. Versace, after its “sense” of fashion.

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  18. I think you should call your new feline ‘Felix’. Also, that picture..’you read my blog…’; so funny, I literally spit my tea out and its all over my keyboard. Nevermind.

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  19. Cheshire Charlie as he looks as colorful as the cheshire cat of Alice in

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  20. I’d call it ‘Joker’ (from Batman)

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  21. Name the cat comp. First of all if it has a tail cut it off. Then call it Manx.
    Then you’ll have Minx and Manx.

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    • Jane, I apologise. Your comment was sitting in the Spam folder, patiently waiting for me to come and see what pharmaceuticals were on offer this week! (It was a cat-a-strophe, I think.)


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