Presepe in St Joseph’s Church, Atherton

Presepe in Italian means “crib” [see note below] . It is also used to describe the nativity scenes, simple or grand, that churches large and small display in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The Catholic Church in Atherton (St. Joseph’s) has a charming, simple nativity scene.

The red brick of the exterior of the church makes a lovely contrast to the cloudless blue sky.



The church interior is modest in its presentation.


The nativity scene echoes this modesty.


The presepe itself is empty, awaiting Midnight Mass, when the babe will be placed in the manger.


I wish all my readers a most happy Christmas.


Note: Please read the comment from Vera below, which explains the correct use of “Presepe”


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29 responses to “Presepe in St Joseph’s Church, Atherton

  1. I hope you had a nice and peaceful Christmas. Personally, I prefer simple churches compared to many found in Vienna which are in Baroque style. I find the latter too busy for me and distracting – I guess just because I am not used to the style.


    • Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog.It’s true what you say about some of the European churches, they are beautiful, but can be overwhelming after a while. I hope 2015 is a good year for you.


  2. Lovely! Have a wonderful warm Christmas.


  3. Beautiful church Yvonne! We are Catholic and will be attending midnight mass tomorrow with all our family! Merry Christmas to you Yvonne and all your family! 🙂

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  4. Merry Christmas my friend 😀 ❤


  5. Merry Christmas! lovely photos.


  6. Jo

    Best Christmas wishes to you – and many more lovely photos from Venice!
    Health and happiness for 2015!


  7. vera ersilia

    I like your Post. But hmm… I am Italian. Presepe actually used to mean the ‘crib’ where animals eat … and is now used only for the nativity scene. And it means the entire scene, not only the place where the baby Jesus is laid. In a real stable or outdoors the place where animals eat is a ‘mangiatoia’. At home a baby is put into a ‘culla’ which means crib for babies just like the English crib.
    I am pedantic because I love languages and precise meaning in words…


    • I appreciate your taking the time to explain this so clearly to me, Vera.

      Could you please help me with a couple of other things? How should the word “presepio” be used? And, is the plural of presepe “presepi”?

      Grazie, e Buon Natale.


      • vera ersilia

        I am glad that you did not take offense…!
        Presepio and presepe have the same meaning, one or the other may be used depending on the region in Italy. The plural is presepi, in ‘olden days’ written presepii. The double vowel in such plural words has passed from current usage.
        Buon Natale a te e ai tuoi. Vera
        PS: le tue foto sono belle.

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  8. The red brick on the white is so beautiful Yvonne. Wishing you a wonderful and joyous holiday season.


  9. Love the blue sky. Something I don’t get much of here at this time of year.
    Tanti aguri at te!


  10. The church is lovely in its simplicity. A very Merry Christmas to you too.


  11. Just totally nice. A great little story.


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